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Thread: Cars?

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    I've been driving the same car, a 1993 Toyota Tercel, for a decade and it's still kicking. Haven't had many problems with it. Great fuel economy. It has served me very well. I want to get a new (to me, but i'll probably buy pre-owned) car as soon as we can afford it, but that's more because it's a 2-door, which is a pain in the you-know-what when you have to get a kid in and out of a car seat back there. I will most definitely be getting another Toyota when I replace it, though.

    P.S. - My dad named my car Urkel, like Steve Urkel from Family Matters, because he (jokingly) pronounces Tercel like is a pretty dorky little car, I guess.
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    @casilda - Thanks for the advice, we had a Saturn when I was younger (before I hit driving age) and it was a great car. We only got rid of it because my mom couldn't afford the payments anymore. They worry me only because the plastic doors, etc are great because they don't dent but also bad because if I were in an accident, I'd have to replace the whole door rather than just buff out a few dents and scrapes. I've seen some cheap pre-owned Saturns though so it's an option.

    @chifundo - No, it's good to hear another opinion, so thanks. My only hesitation with Ford is that my mom had a really bad experience with the '01 Focus she bought. It only lasted a year that we had it before the catalytic converter started to go bad and at that point it would have cost more to fix than the car was actually worth, so I hesitate to get one. I'm a little leery of Honda right now too because my car needed an engine replaced and I know someone who had another Honda (different model) who had the same issue. I'm just nervous about the whole thing in general lol, but because of my budget all options are open right now.

    @thatkathryngirl and jtucker - More votes for Toyota make me feel a little better!

    Right now I'm really liking the idea of a Toyota Yaris or Camry (I'd buy a Prius in a heartbeat if I could find one in my price range), Honda Fit, Scion xD, Kia Rio, or maaaaybe a Fiat 500. Can you tell I like hatchbacks? Lol, if anyone has any experience with any of these cars/brands, I'd love to hear it!
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    I can't offer tons of advice, but I'll see what I can do.

    We had a decent run with a Dodge when I was younger (I want to say it was a '95 Grand Caravan that we purchased in '99-'00), and that lasted us until 2009.

    Our next car was a 2005 Ford Taurus. My mom still drives it, and we're counting down the days til we can afford to send it off to Mythbusters. It's been absolutely nothing but trouble.

    We recently purchased a 2005 CR-V, and it's been really good so far. We've only had to replace one of the tires on it (and we knew we'd have to do that when we bought it).

    I think, if you get the right car, Ford can be pretty good. My best friend has a 2009 Ford Escape, and it's been perfect. But I have never heard a bad thing about Toyotas and Volkwagens, so I'd go in that direction first. I also haven't heard much bad about Subarus.

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