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Thread: Cars?

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    Oh naming cars is one of my favorite things! My 1st car was a 1992 Dodge Spirit - literally burgundy inside and out, every single inch of it! I named it Ron Burgundy (from Anchorman) and then it was shortened to just Ron. It's hilarious, everyone calls him Ron! I actually still have that car, nearly 11 years later!

    When I needed a new car I was in a similar situation as you. I didn't want to spend a couple thousand just to turn around and put a couple more into it when something went wrong. I was nervous about buying used, couldn't afford brand new, didn't have hardly anything for a down payment, etc. I ended up leasing - it was right after the market slump and Toyota was having a HUGE deal on 0% APR and 0$ down. I had always loved Toyota so it was like it was meant to be! I got a RAV4 - I wanted an SUV without it being a giant gas hog. I LOVE IT! Toyota also has a great pre-owned certified selection - they usually replace everything from tired and brakes to wipers and filters so it's essentially brand new - only with miles on it. Their pre-owned are often leases which were turned in after 3 years, had low mileage requirements, and required maintenance, so they are safe bets! Oh, and my RAV's name is Sadie, which is short for Sexy Sadie (the Beatles song) because she's silver & it just popped into my head!
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    My best friend has a Yaris and she loves it! Her's is pretty new, a 2010, and she got a great deal on it, she still had to get a loan though. And I second Ash, don't get a Dodge or a Chrysler (same company makes both)! They don't last!
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    @Ashley - Oh my gosh, I know EXACTLY how that feels. My CR-V, though I love her dearly, has cost me way more than the $3500 I bought her for. I bought her with a bad engine (third cylinder head had cracked) and the whole thing had to be replaced, then transmission trouble from putting a straight-up Japanese engine in the car, I've had to replace the alternator AND distributor, brake pads, the exhaust piping, and all four tires. Not to mention the upkeep on the car, since she guzzles oil like a beast and isn't THAT great on gas, and the battery will need replacing soon. Honestly, it's so much trouble. That's why I'm taking Billy, my mechanic... I'm not buying another lemon this time! Also, funny story RE: Civics, before I bought the CR-V my mom told me I could absolutely not buy a Civic because apparently they get stolen the most out of every other car make and model? So she insisted that I couldn't buy one because if I did it would for sure get stolen. She's so funny sometimes

    @Lainy - OMG, I literally laughed out loud when I saw you named your car Ron Burgundy... I LOVE Anchorman! I'm definitely in the exact same situation as you were, not a lot of money to put down (and can't afford a high monthly payment on a loan) and no trade, because my mom will need the CR-V for herself. Toyota does seem to be the way to go, I'm worried I can't afford a certified pre-owned but a lease car might be a good option. Thanks!

    @averelladavina - Chrysler and Dodge will be officially stricken from the list! I also worry about Ford (my mom's car was a Ford and nothing but trouble) and Chevy (ditto my grandpa's car), so it looks like Toyota and Honda are the favorites. I'm a little nervous about going from an SUV to a smaller car because of crash safety... I've never been in a serious accident but I'd like to survive it if that ever happens! The Yaris' are adorable though and everybody that owns one seems happy with them. I just can't resist how small and zippy they look!
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    Just one thing. If you are going to get a used car, most dealers should have a carfaxs. Just ask them to check the carfaxs history on a car you are interested in, and it will tell you things like service history (oil changes,break checks ects) and if it has ever been in an accident. If the dealership doesn't offer this for free, run away.

    P.s Toyota is a great car, I've had 2 used corollas, another good car to look into is a Volkswagen
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    Another vote for Toyota here! I have a 2004 Corolla named Svetlana. I can't say enough times how great this car is. It's roomy enough to fit 4 people and their luggage comfortably for a road trip. It's great on gas as well. I've only had two problems: Once the battery died (which is normal, as they typically will need to be changed after 5 years) and over the summer there was an issue with the muffler, again very normal for a car that's nearly 10 years old. I'm hoping to keep this one for several more years as she still drives great, and I'd buy another one in a heartbeat.

    As for tips, I'd also second taking your friend with you. I bought my car pre-owned from the dealership, and it was evident that they all though my female roommate and I were an easy mark.

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