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    So I live in the US, and I'm about to start looking at pre-owned cars for my first car that's officially in my name. I've had two cars prior: a 1990 Toyota Celica was my first car, and a 1997 Honda CR-V is what I currently drive. My mom and I are sharing the Honda CR-V right now, but I just got my first full-time job so I need to start thinking about getting one for myself. (Technically the CR-V is/was "my" car before my mom's broke down, but it's in her name and she can't afford to be the one to purchase another car due to financial issues.)

    I'm looking for a car that's safe, reliable, and gas efficient (would love a hybrid but can't afford one - basically if I'm going to have a car payment/higher insurance I'd like to save on gas and repairs). I really like my Honda, but I've had a lot of issues with the car including replacing the entire engine the year after I got it, and one of my mom's coworkers had the same problem with a different model of car, so I'm a bit wary.

    Anyone have any experience with pre-owned cars or advice for a first-time car buyer, good or bad? I do plan to take my mechanic, who is also a friend, to the dealership with me so I don't get ripped off like when we got my CR-V. TIA
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