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    Your Signature/Signature Tips

    Is there anyone else who enjoys being changing it a lot and making it 'different'?
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    I have a tip. If you use the gender signs in your signature, make sure you have the boys' names next to the male symbol and the girls' names next to the female symbol. I only noticed that I had the names next to the wrong signs last night. :/

    I just use mine for my top 10. I feel awkward when I put anything else in there.
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    I would be creative, and have a totally awesome quote for my sig, but I tend to forget my name list. Sooo, I have the list there instead. Shame.
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    If I put one quote in my signature, it would lead to two, then three, so I stay away from that rabbit hole. And I'm the same as chrisco - I would forget my name list if it wasn't in my signature.
    anne teresa. 20.
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    I used to have all of the names I liked in my signature but my list got to big so I had to move them onto the my list section on here.

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