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    Boy Band - Name the Babies, Last Round (all multiples)

    *Round Closed*

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    Justin Randall Timberlake married Jessica Claire (Biel). They are excited to be expecting quadruplets, two girls and two boys. Justin wants their first names to start with 'B, K, N & T'. (It doesn't matter which baby's name starts with which letter.) Jessica would like their middle names to start with A, E, I & O. (It doesn't matter which baby's name starts with which letter.)

    DD: Charlotte Eloise (essjay)
    DS: Reid Isaiah (meganlee2012)
    DS: James Owen (meganlee2012 & wanderlux)
    DD: Laurel Amelia (meganlee2012)

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    Kevin Scott Richardson married Kristin Kay (Willits). They have a little boy and a little girl on the way. Their first names should start with the letter M. They would like for their middle name to be 1 syllable, 4 letters and fit with their sibling's names.

    DS: Mason Frey
    DS: Maxwell Haze
    DS: Micah Cade (savbav)
    DD: Maura Page (shenade213)
    DD: Madeleine Shaw (essjay)
    DS: Marcus Gage (oboeplayer1)

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    Brian Thomas Littrell married Leighanne Reena (Wallace). The couple have a twins on the way. This time it's two girls. Brian wants their first names to be spelled a little differently, like Baylee, Kaela, Trysten, Izabella & Eathan's names. Leighanne would like the babies to have 2 middle names, 1 of them should be a classic name. Their middle names should start with the same letters. (ex. John Matthew Scott & Reed Michael Spencer)

    DS: Baylee Thomas Wylee
    DD: Kaela Elizabeth Page (oboeplayer1)
    DS: Trysten John Samuel (savbav)
    DD: Izabella Katherine Louise (oboeplayer1)
    DS: Eathan Henry Drew (minisia)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Alexander James McLean married Rochelle Deanna (Karidis). The love being parents so much they decided to have another baby, and ended up with three more. Rochelle wants the babies to have first names that start with the same letter and can't be shortened. AJ would like their middle names to be three syllables.

    DD: Ava Jaymes
    DD: Rose Danielle (wanderlux)
    DD: Stella Simone (minisia)
    DS/DS: Liam Carson & Logan Ryan (shenade213)
    DS: Gavin Beau (minisia)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Nicholas Scott Lachey married Vanessa Joy (Minnillo). They are thrilled to be expecting again. Their kids are getting two sisters and a brother. Vanessa would like their daughters' first names to end with 'la' and their son's first name to end with 'den'. Nick wants their middle names to be 1 syllable.

    DS: Camden John
    DS: Hayden Paul (meganlee2012)
    DS: Brenden Ross (essjay)
    DD: Laila Claire (wanderlux)
    DD: Ella Jane (wanderlux)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Andrew John Lachey married Lea Carmen (Dellecave). Lea is pregnant with three sons and a daughter. Drew would like their first names to be popular names. Lea wants two of their middle names to start with C and two to start with N.

    DD: Isabella Claire
    DS: Hudson Nicholas
    DS: Aiden John (shenade213)
    DS: Liam Justin (oboeplayer1)
    DD: Harper Julia (meganlee2012)
    DS: Noah Charles (en24cj25je13)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Jordan Taylor Hanson married Natalie Anne (Bryant). The couple are preparing for twin boys. Natalie would like their first names to be uncommon like their sibling's names. Taylor wants the babies' to have reverse initials.

    DS: Jordan Ezra "Ezra"
    DD: Penelope Anne "Penny"
    DS: River Samuel
    DS: Viggo Moriah
    DD: Wilhelmina Jane "Willa"
    DS: Asa Zachary (bb)
    DD: Theodora Grace *Thea* (lifesaboutmusic)
    DS: Soren Nicholas (whitefeather01)
    DD: Margaux Reese (wanderlux)

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