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    1. Hayden Aubrey and Cooper Liam Davey met in high school. Ten years later, they're married with a son, Parker (5), three daughters, Monroe (4), Addison (2) and Riley (1), and and are now expecting! It's a boy! They want his first name to be unisex, leaning more towards male, and his middle name to be a classic, like Thomas or Liam.

    DW: Hayden Aubrey - 28
    DH: Cooper Liam - 28

    DS: Parker Thomas (meganlee2012) - 5
    DD: Monroe Alice (en24cj25je13) - 4
    DD: Addison Jane (lizzycsa) - 2
    DD: Riley Anne (meganlee2012) - 1
    DS: Eliot Christopher

    2. Brook Elizabeth and Tyson Beau Bean met at their local park. Twelve years later, they have two daughters, Sadie (10) and Molly (7), twins, Lucie and Oscar (6) and a son, Asher (4). They're having another baby now, a girl. Her first name should be five letters and end with an ie/ee/y sound. Her middle name should start with an E.

    DW: Brook Elizabeth - 35
    DH: Tyson Beau - 34

    DD: Sadie Belle (shanade213) - 10
    DD: Molly Eloise (meganlee2012) - 7
    DD/DS: Lucie Beatrix / Oscar Elliot (ismene) - 6
    DS: Asher Beckett (shanade213) - 4
    DD: Audry Estelle

    3. Isabella Lucia and Oliver Leo Pittman met just after Oliver moved out to the country. They have triplets, Josh, Matt and Nat (11), a little girl, Abby (7) and twins, Kate and Sam (3). They're expecting one last time, a baby girl! Her first name should be popular and classic. Her middle name should start with an L.

    DW: Isabella Lucia - 34
    DH: Oliver Leo - 36

    DS/DS/DD: Josh Lawrence, Matthew Lucas & Natalie Lauren (avri_stark) - 11
    DD: Abigail Lindsey (shanade213) - 7
    DD/DS: Katherine Louisa & Samuel Liam (minisia) - 3
    DS: Benjamin Leander (meganlee2012) - 2
    DD: Elizabeth Lisette

    4. Kaitlyn Mikayla and Ricardo Jack Barrick, a game designer (Kait) and movie reviewer (Rick), met at a convention for their work. They have triplets, Lames, Luke and Becca (9), a son, Harry (5), a daughter, Rory (4) and a son, Jack (2). They're expecting again... Triplets! Their first names should come from movies, and their middles should contain a Y.

    DW: Kaitlyn Mikayla - 34
    DH: Ricardo Jack - 37

    DS/DS/DD: James Tyler, Luke Henry, Becca Carolyn (waverly1234) - 9
    DS: Harry Yarrow (frenchgingerbread14) - 5
    DD: Aurora Emily (minisia) - 4
    DS: Jack Bentley (elizpeyton) - 2
    DD/DD/DS: Cody Galloway , Huck Ryder & Neo Halcyon

    5. Ella Cassidy and Owen Bryce Lemser met in the vet's office. They have four sons, Rory (10), Liam (9), Noah (7), and are expecting, finally a baby girl! Her first name should be four letters and two syllables, like Ella, Owen, Rory, Liam, Noah and Adam. Her middle name should be very girly.

    DW: Ella Cassidy - 36
    DH: Owen Bryce - 35

    DS: Rory Cillian (ismene) - 10
    DS: Liam Camden (meganlee2012) - 9
    DS: Noah Matthias (frenchgingerbread14) - 7
    DS: Adam Dylan (en24cj25je13) - 3
    DD: Cora Alexandria

    6. Alina Charlotte and Angel Connor Merritt met at a coffee shop. They have four daughters, Toni (11), Millie (10), Heidi (7) and Lecy (7), a son, Gus (4), and are now expecting another son. His initials should be AC, like his sisters and parents, BUT his name should have a nickname that starts with another letter, like Toni, Millie, Heidi, Gus and Lecy.

    DW: Alina Charlotte - 33
    DH: Angel Connor - 34

    DD: Antonia Claire (ismene) - 11
    DD: Amelia Caitlin (frenchgingerbread14) - 10
    DD/DD: Adelaide Cecilia / Alessandra Coraline (ismene) - 7
    DS: August Charles (meganlee2012) - 4
    DS: Auberon Callum "Ronnie"
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