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    Name the Babies #2, R5 (wanderlux)

    1. Hayden Aubrey and Cooper Liam Davey met in high school. Ten years later, they're married with a son, Parker (5), three daughters, Monroe (4), Addison (2) and Riley (1), and and are now expecting! It's a boy! They want his first name to be unisex, leaning more towards male, and his middle name to be a classic, like Thomas or Liam.

    DW: Hayden Aubrey - 28
    DH: Cooper Liam - 28

    DS: Parker Thomas (meganlee2012) - 5
    DD: Monroe Alice (en24cj25je13) - 4
    DD: Addison Jane (lizzycsa) - 2
    DD: Riley Anne (meganlee2012) - 1

    2. Brook Elizabeth and Tyson Beau Bean met at their local park. Twelve years later, they have two daughters, Sadie (10) and Molly (7), twins, Lucie and Oscar (6) and a son, Asher (4). They're having another baby now, a girl. Her first name should be five letters and end with an ie/ee/y sound. Her middle name should start with an E.

    DW: Brook Elizabeth - 35
    DH: Tyson Beau - 34

    DD: Sadie Belle (shanade213) - 10
    DD: Molly Eloise (meganlee2012) - 7
    DD/DS: Lucie Beatrix / Oscar Elliot (ismene) - 6
    DS: Asher Beckett (shanade213) - 4

    3. Isabella Lucia and Oliver Leo Pittman met just after Oliver moved out to the country. They have triplets, Josh, Matt and Nat (11), a little girl, Abby (7) and twins, Kate and Sam (3). They're expecting one last time, a baby girl! Her first name should be popular and classic. Her middle name should start with an L.

    DW: Isabella Lucia - 34
    DH: Oliver Leo - 36

    DS/DS/DD: Josh Lawrence, Matthew Lucas & Natalie Lauren (avri_stark) - 11
    DD: Abigail Lindsey (shanade213) - 7
    DD/DS: Katherine Louisa & Samuel Liam (minisia) - 3
    DS: Benjamin Leander (meganlee2012) - 2

    4. Kaitlyn Mikayla and Ricardo Jack Barrick, a game designer (Kait) and movie reviewer (Rick), met at a convention for their work. They have triplets, Lames, Luke and Becca (9), a son, Harry (5), a daughter, Rory (4) and a son, Jack (2). They're expecting again... Triplets! Their first names should come from movies, and their middles should contain a Y.

    DW: Kaitlyn Mikayla - 34
    DH: Ricardo Jack - 37

    DS/DS/DD: James Tyler, Luke Henry, Becca Carolyn (waverly1234) - 9
    DS: Harry Yarrow (frenchgingerbread14) - 5
    DD: Aurora Emily (minisia) - 4
    DS: Jack Bentley (elizpeyton) - 2

    5. Ella Cassidy and Owen Bryce Lemser met in the vet's office. They have four sons, Rory (10), Liam (9), Noah (7), and are expecting, finally a baby girl! Her first name should be four letters and two syllables, like Ella, Owen, Rory, Liam, Noah and Adam. Her middle name should be very girly.

    DW: Ella Cassidy - 36
    DH: Owen Bryce - 35

    DS: Rory Cillian (ismene) - 10
    DS: Liam Camden (meganlee2012) - 9
    DS: Noah Matthias (frenchgingerbread14) - 7
    DS: Adam Dylan (en24cj25je13) - 3

    6. Alina Charlotte and Angel Connor Merritt met at a coffee shop. They have four daughters, Toni (11), Millie (10), Heidi (7) and Lecy (7), a son, Gus (4), and are now expecting another son. His initials should be AC, like his sisters and parents, BUT his name should have a nickname that starts with another letter, like Toni, Millie, Heidi, Gus and Lecy.

    DW: Alina Charlotte - 33
    DH: Angel Connor - 34

    DD: Antonia Claire (ismene) - 11
    DD: Amelia Caitlin (frenchgingerbread14) - 10
    DD/DD: Adelaide Cecilia / Alessandra Coraline (ismene) - 7
    DS: August Charles (meganlee2012) - 4

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