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    Thanks for the suggestions! I have a 3 syllable "Mc" surname and yes my family is Irish, to answer all the questions! I'm not concerned with ideal syllable counts as I think Colleen sound nice with so many varieties of first names. There are many that I like (Mia, Alice, Isla, etc) that I can not use for one reason or another. Daphne, Norah and Susanna have all been vetoed by my husband as well. A name that we both like is Zoey (I'm shocked that I would choose this over the original spelling but we actually know of one little girl named Zoe and pronounces it "Zoh" - and thats enough to bug me). I'm a big fan of Zoey Colleen.. I just keep hoping there will be a name that I am 100% committed to as soon as I hear it, but maybe thats' a pipe dream! Any other suggestions are welcome and appreciated, but thanks for the help so far

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