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    I need suggestions!

    So we honestly have been look for forever! I am just so tired of looking! so, I am going to ask for suggestions.
    I like girly names but with tomboy nicknames or just names that are tomboyish. I also like old fashion names traditional and southern names but am open to hear anything. We have a son names Wesley, so something that would be easy to say together and Joann will definitely be the middle name.

    Some of the names we have been thinking aboutwould love opinions of these)

    Hadley- I feel meh about this one but he loves it
    Ella- I like it but I don't love it and he loves it
    Abigail- I love it but don't think I like abby or gail for nicknames
    Adeline- like but again don't know any cute NN
    Vivian- love but I don't think he is too keen on this one
    Annalee- maybe too southern

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