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Thread: Elliette?

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    I was watching the children's channels with my little cousin and the birthdays' of all the children today came up with their names and ages and this one caught my eye. I was wondering if this was someone trying to make a girl spelling for Elliot or just adding an Ette to the end of Ellie so make it sounds a little less like a nickname and more like a full name. What do yous' thing about it?

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    Elliot/Elliott is completely masculine (hello, Elliott Stabler!) and changing the spelling to make it more feminine makes my eyes burn. I think they were changing the spelling to make it more feminine, not adding letters to Ellie.
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    Elliette is a legitimate French diminution of names beginning with 'el' so though I am usually against masculine names for girls, this one doesn't bother me, I would put it in the same category as Miette, Alette, Anette etc.
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    Éliette (with one "l") is THE legitimate French spelling but I don't think it has anything to do with the male name of Elliott. Some sites give it as a variant of Eliana (French spelling is Éliane). It certainly isn't pronounced the same in French (ay-lee-ETTE). However, since Elliot and its numerous spellings seem to be all the rage for girls in America, it may well have been a way for the parents to "feminize" the name. It's ok but I wish they would've have spelled it correctly.
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    Yeah, not a fan.

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