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Thread: Is this cruel?

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    Every Charlotte I've ever known goes by Lottie or Charlie, mostly Charlie.

    If your last name was Chocolatefactory I would beg you to be cautious. But I think you're safe.

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    I've def never heard Carrie as a nickname for Charlotte. I love Lottie! I have a distant great great Aunt who was named Lottie and always wanted to use it but my husband said no. Lottie Carys sounds great as does Charlotte Carys.
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    I've never heard of Carrie as a nn for Charlotte either--- definitely Charlie and Lottie though. I think Charlotte C@rys and Lottie C@rys would be lovely.

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    mia42 Guest

    Charlotte Carys is Fine

    I think that Charlotte Carys is a beautiful name and that it would not be like naming a child William Williams. Also I've never heard a Charlotte been called Carrie. My grandmother's name is Charlotte but for some reason she goes by Charlene. The only two nicknames that I know that are used for Charlotte are Charlie and Lottie, so I think it wont be cruel to name your daughter that.

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    Charlotte Carys actually sounds very nice, as does Lottie Carys. I've met quite a few Charlottes, nicknamed Charlie/Char, Lottie, Chary, and the most interesting, Chiara.
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