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    Write Your Own Life Story: Let Your Imagination Run Wild BNG!!!

    Play the game by answering the following questions by using your imagination and writing a story as you go. It can be as real as you want or as make-believe as you want. Add descriptions, pictures, anything.

    When were you born? Where did you grow up?

    What are your parents' names?

    What are your siblings' names? When were they born?

    What kind of childhood did you have?

    What did you plan to do out of high school?

    If you decided to go to college after high school, what was your major? What career are you aiming for?

    What is your spouse's name?

    When was your spouse born? Where did he grow up?

    What are your spouse's parents' names?

    If you spouse had siblings, what are their names?

    What kind of childhood did your spouse have?

    If your spouse went to college, what did he major in? What career is he aiming for?

    How did you meet your spouse? How many years did you date for?

    How did your spouse propose? What kind of wedding do you have? Where do you honeymoon?

    Where do you decide to live? What does your house look like?

    What do you and your spouse end up doing career-wise? Do you fulfill your dreams or not?

    How many children do you and your spouse have?

    What are the genders?

    When are your kids' birthdays? What birth order are your kids in?

    What are your children's names? What kind of personalities do they have?

    What career/educational paths do your kids take as they grow older?

    Do you and your spouse adopt any children? If so, how many and what are their names/genders/birthdays?

    Does your family have any pets?

    Where are each of your children living now?

    Where are they in their careers?

    Do any of your children get married? If so, how did they meet their spouses?

    Which of your children have children of their own? What are your grandchildren's genders, names, and birthdays?

    Have fun! There are NO BOUNDARIES!!!!!

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    My name is Jillian Elizabeth Benson. I was born January 19th, 1993 in Boston, Massachusetts. When I was six months old, my parents relocated our young family to Dalton, Massachusetts. I grew up in this house: My mother's maiden name is Diana Katherine Marsten. My father's name is Walter James Benson. My mom worked as an interior decorator and my dad was a dentist with his own practice.

    I have one sibling: an older brother name Karl Walter Benson. Karl was born three years before me, on August 13th, 1990, in Boston, Massachusetts. He and I have a very good relationship, and he's very protective of me. I had a sheltered childhood, though I still had plenty of responsibilities. My parents weren't sinfully rich, but they did well for themselves and Karl and I had a decent amount of nice stuff. In my senior year of high school, I applied to ten colleges. I was accepted into six of them, including my dream school: the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In college, I studied English and creative writing in college. I was aiming for a career as a magazine writer or a book editor, but ideally I really wanted to be a novelist.

    My husband's name is Jeremy Malcolm Danvers. He was born November 15th, 1991, two years before me. He grew up in Syracuse, New York and he was the oldest of five children. Jeremy's mother's maiden name is Keira Mae Montgomery and his father's name is Malcolm Edward Danvers. Keira worked as a high school science teacher and Malcolm was a mechanic.

    Jeremy has three younger siblings: one brothers and two sisters. His sister Katrina Jean Danvers is two years younger than him. Three years younger than her is their brother Peter William Danvers. And five years after Peter is Rosaline Olivia Danvers, the baby in the family. Jeremy's family was middle-class. He lived in the same house all his life, the one his parents bought when Keira was three months pregnant with Jeremy: He is close to both of his parents and, out of his siblings, is especially close to Katrina.

    Jeremy went to the University of Massachusetts Amherst and studied art. He wanted to be an art dealer or a painter. I met Jeremy while we were both students at UMass. I was a freshman and he was a junior. My roommate, Daniella Marie Santos, who later become one of my best friends, was dating Jeremy's best friend, Antonio Dominic Sorrentino. After Antonio met me, he insisted on introducing me to Jeremy, though Jeremy and I were seeing different people at the time. Antonio and Daniella brought us together in one of the university's cafeterias on September 30th, 2012. For about two months, Jeremy and I were friendly acquittances, always crossing paths with each. It wasn't until after Thanksgiving break did we slowly start becoming closer. For the next three years, Jeremy was one of my closest friends. We finally got together on July 3rd, 2016 and we dated for eighteen months.

    Jeremy proposed on Christmas Eve, 2017. We had been living together in the condo he owned in Buffalo, New York. After having dinner at his grandparents' house, we returned home, where we were to each open one present. By a stroke of dumb luck, I chose to open the box holding my engagement ring. Inside was a heart-shaped gold locket. On the outside, was engraved "I love you Jillian." I heard something jingle inside the locket and I gently opened it to find the ring, with the inside cover reading "Will you marry me?" I loved the ring: and I loved him even more. I gladly said yes, once I got over my initial shock. Seven months later, we were married on July 5th, 2018, in the apple orchard Jeremy's maternal grandmother owns. My dress looked like this: http://www.designer-wedding-dresses....Kelly-J135.jpg. We have a two-week honeymoon in Dublin, Ireland. We decide to move to Catskills six months after our wedding, in the house Jeremy inherited from his great-uncle Gilbert Danvers. It looks like this:

    I start out working as a writer for "Seventeen" magazine after I graduated from UMass. I finally published my first book in late 2016 and have been contracted for more books by a publishing company in NYC. So far, two of my books have made the bestseller list. Jeremy sells several of his paintings and buys an art gallery after his mentor retires.

    Jeremy and I have the three most amazing kids, two boys and one girl. We don't adopt any children. However, we do have a dog, Lulu,, and a cat named Pinecone,

    Our first child is a boy. His name is Holden Jeremy Danvers. He was born September 1st, 2019. He looks like his father, tall and lean with black hair and dark brown eyes. His personality is also very similar to his father's, mature, thoughtful, and creative. He is also very responsible and dependable. Smart and outgoing, he was an honors student as well as involved in basketball, which my big brother had installed in him to love. Inspired by teaching his Aunt Katrina's autistic son how to read, Holden decides to become an elementary school teacher. Like his both of his parents, he goes to the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

    Our next child is another boy. His name is Quinton Gabriel Danvers and he was born April 12th, 2021. He looks like a combination of both of his parents, with Jeremy's black hair and my light brown eyes, along with Jeremy's tall frame and the athletic frame the men on my side of the family have. Quinton was also good in school, especially in math and science, but he excelled far greater in sports. He had a bit of a wild streak in him and nothing was too outrageous for him, but he also has his mother's upbeat and friendly nature. As he got older, he calmed down, thankfully, after breaking his leg in an extreme skateboarding accident. Quinton attends the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and studies archeology and biology.

    Our third and final child is our only girl. Her name is Phoebe Rose Danvers. She was born on February 20th, 2024. She looks the most like her mother, with wavy auburn hair, light brown eyes, and petite. Like her older brothers, Phoebe did well in school and her best subject was English. She was an extroverted girly girl with a sweet and loving nature. She loved caring for people, especially for animals and children. She is also musically talented, learning how to play the piano from my sister-in-law Hannah when she was seven. Phoebe goes to New York University and studies to become a pediatric nurse.

    Holden lives in Manhattan, New York with his family. He works as a third grade teacher at a public school in central Manhattan. He met his wife, Dr. Layla Moscovitz-Danvers, a half-Russian, half-English woman he met while he spent a year teaching at a school in Southern Africa. They married in December of 2046, two years after they met. Holden and Layla have 5 children: two boys and three girls. The first is Anastasia Irene Danvers, born March 2nd, 2048. Next is Marina Lenore Danvers, born October 10th, 2049. Their third and fourth children are twins Alexander Pierce Danvers and Tatiana Jewel Danvers, born August 4th, 2051. The last child is Soren Constantine Danvers, born June 8th, 2053.

    Quinton moved to Buffalo, New York with his wife and three sons. He works in a local science museum as a curator and researcher. In 2041, Quinton met Gabrielle Dalton of North Andover, Massachusetts, while doing an internship at a research lab in Boston, Massachusetts. Turns out, Gabby was the daughter of Coralyn, one of my best friends growing up, whom I had not seen in many years. Quinton and Gabby rekindled their friendship. In May of 2047, Quinton married Gabby. Four years later, on July 19th, 2051, their first son, Ethan Jacob Danvers, is born. Three years after Ethan, on January 27th, 2054, they have another son named Cayden Noah Danvers. Lastly, another three years after Cayden, they have their third and final son, named Declan Emmett Danvers, born September 22nd, 5057.

    Phoebe now lives in Albany, New York with her husband and twin daughters. She works at as a maternity nurse at the local hospital. She met her husband, Paxton Frazier Jameson in 2045. She was visiting a friend who had moved to Los Angeles that summer. Paxton, a law student, was Phoebe's friend's roommate's brother. He was visiting his sister and bumped into Phoebe while she was on her way inside the apartment. When his sister came for a visit to New York, he went along with her, to see Phoebe again. After that, they kept in touch for several years, entering each other's lives again, and permanently, in 2050, when they were married on February 14th. On June 15th, 2052, they had their twin daughters, Kinsley Ava Jameson and Bethany Emma Jameson.

    Jeremy and I couldn't be happier with how our lives turned out. I'm still writing books--many of which have been made into movies and TV shows--and Jeremy is still painting and expanding his art galley. We love our family.

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    I was born in a little old beach town in Rhode Island. My mother, Audrey Charlotte and Jeffrey Louis Millings owned a bed and breakfast in nearby Newport. My mom managed the bed, my dad had the restaurant. I lived there my whole life, and I loved it. I had four best friends, May, Norah, and Anabel. I also had an older sister, Clarice Rose and two younger twin brothers, Noah Quentin and Lucas James. Noah was wild, he loved to play baseball and run around. He was also very clever, playing tricks on people and cracking jokes. Lucas, on the other hand, was rather quiet, and smart. He excelled in math and science. Clarice and I were both very alike, creative and thoughtful. I was less outspoken though. She was two years older than me, and my brothers were eight years younger than me. My childhood was fun and free. My sister and I were allowed to run around our town, playing on the beach and visiting downtown. Our favorite place to go was a small tidal pool across from the ice cone stand. Since she was little, my sister knew she wanted to be an English teacher. She succeeded, went to Providence College, and now teaches English at a high school. She also heads the drama department there. Tragically, when I was 26, Lucas was killed by a drunk driver. He had dreams of becoming an architect, he was only 18. It was a terrible time for a few years after. Following this, Noah decided to join the Marine Corps. He is now fighting in Afghanistan. I, on the other hand, had no idea what I wanted to do for a while. I dabbled in art, thought about interior design, and took a few cake decorating classes. But in my junior year of high school, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to write. I went to Bowdoin College, majored in writing, and minored in Drama. I am now a playwright.

    After college, I moved to L.A and wrote my first play, an adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. My first night living in my apartment, I met my future husband, Marco Benjamin Eliot. I was walking along the beach at night, when his dog, Lion, came running into me. He ran over and apologized, and we ended up going out for tea. He grew up in the area, with four younger siblings, Victoria, Fae, Violet and Delia. He's always joking about his acquired fashion sense from them. They fought a lot, but have a good relationship now. His father worked on lighting for movies, his mother stayed at home. When he was younger he really wanted to be a stuntman, up until high school! But he ended up going to college to be a camera man, and he is now. He also volunteers at the fire department. When we first met, he was just out of college, working as a waiter. He was kind of my first friend in California. He showed me all the best restaurants, where to buy groceries and more. After my movie came out, we became a couple. We dated for one year, and during that year, I bought a little dog named Tulip *TuTu*, he got a job as a camera man for a T.V show, and my sister married her high school sweetheart, Andrew. On the summer solstice, being the romantic he is, Marco finds the exact spot on the beach we met, sets up a picnic blanket and fills a basket with tea and various desserts, including my favorite, chocolate petit fours. At about dusk, he takes me there and proposes in the water, as the sun sets. I accept, of course, and put on my new ring! . We are married quietly in a church ceremony, with just our two families attending and then have a big reception on a ship. My dress is gorgeous! . As are the bridesmaids dresses, . We then go on a two week honeymoon to Santorini, Greece. After marrying, we buy a house in northern California, deciding it's the best place to raise kids. It's gorgeous . I keep writing movies, and eventually land a writing job on a popular drama series like "Lost." Marco continues working as a cameraman for a late night talk show.

    Two years after we marry, we decide, while our family is nice with two dogs and a great big house, we need children to fill it with laughter. Quickly, I conceive and on May twenty-sixth, I give birth to a beautiful baby boy with soft downy blonde curls. We name him Calum Asa Lucas. Lucas, after my late brother. We decided on three middles because Marco's family all have three middles, except him and his sisters. Three years later, on December sixth, we add two new beautiful additions to our family, Eloise Amabel Fleur *Lula* and Fiona Greer Evangeline *Fee*. They are identical twins. A year and a half later, our little boy, Owen Elias Maxwell is born on June thirtieth. He comes out screaming. We think our family is complete, until Margot Emilia Story *Maggie* is born four years later, on Valentines's Day. As they grow up, we see their true personalities. Calum is the spitting image of Lucas, with his little glasses and serious disposition. He also likes to golf with his dad. He takes an interest in biology in high school, and grows up to become a doctor. Lula is quiet, and a real bookworm. She loves to read, her favorites are Harry Potter. In middle school, she begins to find how much she loves writing as well. Through high school, she writes her way through prompts, and wins a national story contest. She goes to Harvard University, and becomes a very well accomplished author. Fee is our little ballerina. She starts dancing at four, and keeps going until she earns herself a job performing as Clara in the nutcracker at just thirteen. Soon enough, she goes away to a performing arts school for college and begins her dancing career. Off stage, she's a lot like her sister, quiet and reserved, but doesn't do as well learning. Little Owen is an active boy, he loves soccer. He practiced until it was dark outside, and ran through the house with a ball when it rained. While he loved it, he decided against becoming professional in high school, and instead became and engineer. He went to college and earned a degree in mechanical engineering. Now he works at a candy packaging facility, designing machines all day. Maggie, our silly girl. She makes faces, and cracks jokes all the time. Sometimes she hides in closets, eavesdropping and playing tricks on people. In school, she does best at math, working very hard for her grades. After attending college for education, she opens a preschool called "Miss Maggie's". When the kids are twelve, nine, seven and three, Lion, our old family dog dies. We get two new dogs, Lacey and Tiger, and two kittens, Bell and Monster. So we have three dogs, including Tulip, and two cats.

    Our Family
    Eloise and Fiona:


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    I rewrote my life story, but it's 2,000 characters too long for Nameberry. ): So this'll have to do.
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    My name is Elizabeth Cara Granger *Beth* and I was born and raised in London England. My Mum Julia Margaret Sherriff *Julie* was raised in New Orleans and met my Dad David Thomas Granger when she was 19 and he was 25. They met after she was on an exchange programme for a year at the University of Cambridge. My dad was a Research Assistant in the Archaeology Department working towards his doctorate. They married on September 15th 1987 after being together less than a year and have been happily married ever since.

    I was born 4 years later on June 17th 1991 and was the eldest of four children and only girl. My first brother Oliver Jacob Granger *Ollie* arrived 5 years later on June 22nd 1996. Nicholas William Granger *Nick* joined the family on August 1st 1997. My youngest brother Sebastian Alexander Granger *Bas* was welcomed into the family on February 27th 2003. My Dad went on to leave Cambridge 2 years after he married my mum once he gained his doctorate. He then went to work at University College London as a Professor in the Archaeology department eventually becoming head of the department. In between raising my brothers and I, my Mum worked at the Museum of Natural History specialising in Egyptian Artefacts. Our summers were spent travelling with our parents and helping out on digs and excavations all over the world.

    Being surrounded by so much history it was inevitable that at least one of their children wanted to follow in their footsteps and become an archaeologist and that was me. My brother Oliver went on to become a successful musician. Nicholas become a Doctor specialising in Paediatrics and Sebastian became a chef owning his own restaurant in London.

    After finishing school I applied and was accepted to Harvard University. It was tough moving so far away from my Mum and Dad but they wrote and called almost every day. I majored in Archaeology and graduated near the top of my class. It was also whilst I was living in Boston that I met my future husband James Joseph McNeil.

    My future husband James Joseph McNeil *JJ* was born on July 13th 1981 into an Irish Family and raised in New York City. He was the eldest of 5 children born to Siobhan Marie McNeil and Patrick James McNeil *Paddy*. Eva Marie McNeil and Ruby Siobhan McNeil were born 2 years after James on September 4th 1983. Patrick Killian McNeil was welcome 6 years later on January 17th 1989 and finally Elise Jasmine McNeil was born on June 13th 1991. James doted on all his siblings but especially his youngest sister Elise since they shared the same birthday. James and his siblings grew up in a loving home surrounded by their extended family including aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who all lived on the same street. His dad was a Human Rights Lawyer and his mum owned a bookshop/café which she ran with her twin sister Sinead.

    James went to Columbia University and majored in English Literature with the aims of either becoming a publisher, author or journalist. All he knew for sure was that he wanted a future in writing.

    James and I met through his sister Elise. We met on the first day of University when we were both queuing to have our pictures taken for our student I.D. We got talking and it turned out we were living in the same Halls of Residence and taking most of the same classes. Her brother James came to visit us frequently as he took a job with a Publishing firm in Boston to keep an eye on his little sister. Over the next four years James and I became good friends and I gave up on the idea of us having a relationship as anything more than friends. Just before our graduation James asked if I wanted to go to dinner and said he had something to tell me over dinner. When we got to the restaurant he looked really nervous a side of him which I had never seen before, I asked him what he wanted to tell me. He said that he had grown to see as more than his sister’s friend and hoped that we could have a future together. We got together that night at dated for two years before he asked me to marry him. He proposed in the same restaurant where we went for our first date. He hid the ring in my desert (chocolate fudge cake) and had the same nervous look as he had through our first date. We were in engaged for a year and married on June 18th 2016. We had a small ceremony at a country house in England. Elise was my maid of honour and Ruby and Eva were bridesmaids with my brothers as groomsmen walking them down the Aisle. James’ brother Patrick was best man. After the wedding we decided to move to New York. James had a job as a senior editor at a publishing firm and I was working as a Curator at the Natural History Museum just like my mum had done.

    We decide to try for a baby after our first wedding anniversary on March 18th 2018 we welcomed twin girls Mabel Juliet Rose McNeil and Greta Siobhan Lily McNeil to the family. With a history of twins on James side of the family we were sort of expecting it but were surprised none the less. Both girls were identical looking like miniatures of their Auntie Elise with black hair and blue eyes. Both girls took great fun when they were at school swapping places with each other and causing mischief. As they got older they became easier to tell apart. Mabel was more reserved than her sister. She is kind, quiet and developed her father’s love for books and literature. Greta is more adventurous always climbing up trees and doing everything at 100 miles an hour. She is very protective of her sister and loves anything to do with dance or music.

    Christopher David McNeil *Kit* was born on September 9th 2022. His sisters worshipped him from the day he was born. He was a calm happy baby with a smile for anyone. As he got older he loved he developed my passion for Archaeology and was forever digging up various parts of the garden playing excavation a game taught to him by his Grandpa David.
    Tobias Patrick McNeil *Toby* joined the family just a year later on October 17th 2023. Very much like his brother in looks and personality he became Kit’s mini-me from the time he could walk. He loved animals and football and hopes to either be a vet or footballer when he grows up.

    Dexter Kingston McNeil *Rex* joined the family on May 5th 2030. Born 7 weeks premature he was our miracle baby. He is most like the twins in looks and temperament. He loves drawing, painting and making noise which he calls music of any kind.
    Our final child born 4 years later on June 17th 2034 Cleo Elise Delphine McNeil was loved and adored by all her siblings particularly her 3 older brothers. They are her defenders and protectors. She is particularly close to Kit and like him loves History and coming to work with me at the museum.

    Mabel and Greta took very different paths in life. Mabel went to Columbia University and majored in English Literature just like her dad. She went on to become a successful author of historical fiction with 5 of her books going straight to number one on the New York Times Best Seller’s list. She married her publisher Damien Andrew Scott from Chicago. They have two children June Elizabeth Scott and Rose Genevieve Scott.

    Greta went to Julliard to study Ballet and after staring in several production including Swan Lake and Cinderella she joined the New York Ballet Company and toured all over the world. Whilst on tour in Italy she met and married an Italian Painter called Luca Giovanni Del Costa. Just after she married Luca Greta was involved in a car accident which ended her carrier as a dancer. Luca and the family help her through and she went on to have 4 beautiful little girls; Luna Francesca, Alba Elisabetta *Allie*, Oriana Gabrielle *Anna* and Noemi Rosa *Emi*. Greta and Mabel both live in New York City.

    Kit went to Cambridge University and got his doctorate in Archaeology just like his beloved Grandpa David. He met and married Catherine Amalia Sandhurst a fellow archaeologist. They met whilst on a dig in Egypt. They have 3 boys, Cato David, Julius Patrick and Maximus James *Max*. Kit and his family live in England where Kit is a professor at Cambridge with his wife.
    Toby decided against being a vet or a football player and followed in his Uncle Oliver’s footsteps and became a musician. His band went on to be very successful in both England and America. He married a fellow singer called Harper Kennedy and they had 4 children; August Joseph *Gus*, Oscar Michael *Ozzy*, Theo James and Sadie Harper. The family lives in Harper’s home state of Tennessee.

    Rex followed his passion for art and went to the Rhode Island School of Design. He then went travelling for inspiration for his work. Whilst in France he met his wife Fleur Evangeline Garbo. Fleur is an art dealer with connections in galleries all over the world. With her help Rex went on to be very successful. They have 3 children Monet Fleur, Valentina Skye *Leni* and Raphael Leonardo *Rafe*. The family lives and works in Paris.

    Cleo went to Harvard University and majored in Archaeology like me. She moved to Athens to specialise in Ancient Greece. She met her husband Dmitri Theodoros Metaxas a Greek Restaurant owner and Chef. They reside on the Greek Island of Kefallonia with Cleo head of the Islands museum in the capital Argostoli. They have 6 children 3 boys and 3 girls; Georgios Constantine *George*, Leonidas Dmitri *Leo*, Nikolas Theodoros *Niko*, Artemis Eleni *Artie*, Persephone Elise *Posy* and Ariadne Anastasia *Addie*.
    Girls: June Rosalie, Clio Genevieve, Mabel Juliet, Greer Vivienne, Iris Lucia, Margot Laura, Sylvie Maeve, Ingrid Scarlett, Florence Pearl, Lara Josephine

    Boys: Christopher David 'Kit', Maxwell Jude 'Max', Edward Stephen 'Teddy', Rex Kingston, Frederick Oscar 'Freddie', Gilbert Leo 'Gil', Gideon Felix, Hugo James, Tristan Josiah, Ivan George.

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