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    Anyone from London?

    Please tell me a bit about London. I'm going there tomorrow and would love to have some "insider tips", the ones that can't be found in many travel guides. Also how are Londoners in general? Do they speak with a very heavy accent? I'm not a native english speaker but have learned quite a bit through american tv-shows, which also makes my pronunciation and vocabulary very american (still better than having a german accent). Are there any words one should know about, so that one does not end up in an unpleasant situation (eg. Pants being underwear)? I'm really excited to go, since the last time I visited was 7 years ago and we mostly did sightseeing (though more from the outside). I'd love to hear from all of you

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    I'm from London, I saw you asked me in the country thread yesterday and started to reply but fell asleep. Sorry about that!

    Londoners are used to tourists and people from all over the world living there so if you use American words it's no big deal. Actually there's a lot of Americans here so we're very used to it!

    These are some of my favourite things to do (these of course depend on where in the city you are):
    Gardens and Parks:
    - Postman's Park: This is a really small but beautiful, and most importantly, quiet park. Bring tissues though, there's a memorial wall to people who sacrificed their own lives to save others (among others a ten year old who saved his little brother from drowning but drowned himself). It's located near St. Paul's Cathedral, between the streets St Martin's Le-Grand and King Edward's Street.
    - Holland Park/Kyoto Gardens: Holland Park is lovely in autumn when all the leaves turn yellow and red. Holland Park has tons of people friendly squirrels. Kyoto Gardens is located almost at the highest point in the park, it's a very beautiful and tranquil place.
    - St George's Garden: a former graveyard, lots of statues and it's very nice. It's in Bloomsbury, very close to King's Cross St Pancras, on Wakefield Street/Hunter Street.
    - Richmond Park. This is huge and a real outing. But it's wonderful, you might see some deer and it's got a lovely cafe (Petersham Nurseries Teahouse).
    - Finsbury Park: If you're up north that is. This is really lovely, and located nearby is a very sweet tearoom. The park is on Seven Sister's Road.
    - Chicwick House and Gardens: Lovely garden, it's free to gt in here but you must pay to go inside the house. It's lovely though.
    - Primrose Hill: If the weather's nice, take a picnic and look at the view of London. It's amazing.
    - Take a stroll along the canal (Regents Canal), from Little Venice to Camden. It's lovely, you'll pass by the zoo, maybe get to see some birds in the giant net. And you could go to the zoo, it's pretty cool.

    Eating & Drinking
    - Ottolenghi in Notting Hill. There's like two tables in the cafe, so only go if the weather's nice and you can eat on the street somewhere. The food is scrumptious (middle eastern).
    - Soho's Secret Tearooms. It's on Greek Street, you go through the pub Coach & Horses and it's upstairs. Not a place found by people who don't want to find it, but people do know where it is. The tea is delicious, and the scones and cupcakes are divine. The interior is amazing too.
    - The Tearooms. This is by Finsbury's Park, on 155 Stoke Newington Church Street. It's very sweet, dainty and cosy.
    - Nordic Bakery. Best bakegoods in London, it's simplicity at its finest.
    - Bea's of Bloomsbury. On Theobalds Road (but there's also one near St. Paul's, 83 Watling Street it's in a shopping centre), it's a very sweet cafe with delicious tea and coffee, but the cupcakes and cakes are the real reason to go there. Utter scrumptiousness!
    - Flat White. If you want London's best coffee go here. It's on Berwick Street in Soho.
    - Gail's. Located all over the place, they've got good coffee and great bakegoods. Northcote Road, Chiswick, Notting Hill, Soho, South Kensington, Chelsea.
    - The Cafe at Bluebird on King's Road in Chelsea. It's really lovely and tasty.
    - Primrose Bakery on 69 Gloucester Avenue, in Primrose Hill/Chalk Farm. Amazing cupcakes!!!!
    - La Collina. Italian restaurant on 17 Princess Road, Primrose Hill.

    Shopping and other things:
    - Primrose Hill Books. My favourite book shop. On Regents Park Road. Actually, just go down Regents Park Road, so many cute shops and cafes.
    - Daunt Books on Marylebone High Street. The original Daunt bookshop, it's a beauty and so many good books.
    - I like going to Trafalgar Square to look at Nelson's Column. Might seem boring, but I like it. National Portrait Gallery is right next to it as well, and it's a skip away from Covent Garden.
    - Islington, Shoreditch, Soho, Notting Hill and King's Road (Chelsea) are my favourite areas to shop and just hang out in (apart from Primrose Hill and Regents Park Road, of course). Camden is nice if you're a bit more hippie-ish, and Northcote Road (by Clapham Junction) is nice and family friendly.

    Tourist traps to avoid:
    - Don't get off the tube at the Covent Garden stop. Go to Holborn, Tottenham Court Road or Leicester Square and walk to CG if you want to go there. The CG tube stop is always full of people and you need a lift to get to the top (or the worst staircase in the world).
    - Don't go to Portobello Market on Saturday's, go Friday's instead. That's when the locals and fashion magazine people go.
    - Try to avoid Oxford Circus. If you must go, try going on Monday or Tuesday.

    If there's anything more specific you want to know, don't hesitate to ask!!
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    Gordon's Wine Bar just up from embankment tube is something I miss from my London years! It is a very atmospheric underground bar.

    Rather than a West End Show the Royal Opera House, Royal Court Theater and National theater all have subsidised cheap seats with some cheap tickets released in the day if you line up in person - check their websites.

    Visit Libertys department store, much funkier than Harrods.

    Enjoy your trip!
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    Thank you guys so much

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    I'm not currently living in London, but you must visit the Natural History Museum! I don't know if they still have the animatronics, but nothing else compares. Of course, that might just be me, because I'm a bit sci-fi/science obsessed.
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