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    Initials CAF

    Initial CAFs

    1. The Morgan Family-
    DH; ND
    DW; CG

    DD; CR
    DS; NG
    DD; JN
    DD/DS; VR & RM
    DS; GD
    DD/DD/DD; IL & SR & AS

    2. The Harlis Family-
    DH; AX
    DW; VC

    DS; TF
    DD; QA
    DD; SB
    DS/DD; KJ & KJ
    DS; DC
    DD/DD; HM & MH
    DD; RR

    3. The Elisser Family-
    DH; WC
    DW; LP

    DS/DS; BF & SD
    DD/DS; MD & HB
    DD/DS/DD; CJ & CJ & CJ
    DD/DS; KL & KL
    DS/DD/DD; JZ & JV & JN
    DS/DS; NE & GE
    DD/DD; AZ & AX
    Ivory Janae & Jayde Isabelle: My Baby Girls

    Noah Owen Davis: The Man I'm In Love With

    Lux, Gemma, Sloane, Hollis, Tara, Jacqueline, Marisa, Eleanor, Aaliyah, Missy

    Noah, Jacob, Lucas, Andrew, Dominic, Cameron, Troye, Ethan, Austin, Kellin

    "Killjoys, make some noise."

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