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    Unispired. Give us your favorites?

    Hello, Ladies. My husband and I are pregnant with our 4th and are keeping the gender a surprise. We're wanting any/all suggestions you have. We've only thought of one girl name we both like: Sophia. It feels super popular compared to our sons' names, though: Dempsey, Jude, and Hudson. As an extra requirement, we'd like none of the names to start with D, J, or H. Our surname begins with H, by the way. We've also considered Scarlett, but really aren't sold.

    So please, ladies and gentleman, give us your best suggestions and favorite girl names for a potential sister for our boys?

    Thanks x 10,000!

    -Ryan & Mandie Rose H.
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    Mom to Dempsey, Jude, & Hudson
    Expecting a surprise this December

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    Dempsey, Jude, Hudson, and Adelaide?
    Your boys sound roaring 20's to me, I think Adelaide would fit in nicely.

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