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    Help naming a baby girl!!

    Hello everyone, my name is Lauren I'm a mother to one beautiful little girl called Nova Leigh. We chose the name Nova because of its meaning. I was told that I'd probably never be able to have children so one daughter was a blessing, and we wanted to choose an extra special name with a beautiful meaning behind it. (We chose Leigh for her middle name because it was my maiden name before I got married).

    I've recently found out I'm expecting again (miracle!) with another baby girl, and now we're completely stumped for names!!We want a name that's special and beautiful with meaning, and one that will be just as special as the name Nova. We wouldn't want our second daughter to feel like her older sister got the best name.

    Our last name is Hamming, and we quite like the following names:

    Luna (not sure about the lunatic teasing names etc.)

    None of the names really shout out to my husband and I and they don't really have the 'Nova' wow effect we both had when we first found that name when we were expecting our first there's the meaning issues. If it's of any significance both my husband and I are tanned, black hair, green eyes. Literary names are most welcome as are myths etc. My family have Greek roots.

    Thank you so much for any suggestions/comments on our name list!! x

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