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    2. Dystopian Novel characters

    Genre of Story: Sci-Fi

    Time Period/Location: A space station in Earth's orbit, something like the year 3000. I haven't decided yet.

    Brief Plot: A city existing soling in a space station orbiting Earth was created 200 years ago by a group of purists out to start the perfect race. Now, the last few generations of leaders have become more and more corrupt until they're using the population like cattle. They breed them and control every thing they do, eat, etc. Strict genetic control etc. Extreme cast system. Think Nazis and cannibals. Rebelling ensues when one man gets a glimpse at his leaders for the first time and sees how bad their situation really is.

    Character 1:

    Character Description: He's very large, larger than anyone else around. He's like 6'5 when most other men are made to be 6-6'2. He was a genetic anomaly. He's much more aggressive than usual (most everyone is calm most of the time, he's like a 15 yrs old with raging hormones) and can be violent. He's in the military so he's allowed to live, but he's watched carefully. He's a gunner. He's smart, but spontaneous.

    Already Considered: I don't really have real names for him, but I've been calling him Tank. That's what he is, the tank.

    Character 2:

    Character Description: He's not as muscular as others, but he's a sniper and he doesn't need to be. He's tall and wiry and fast. He's very smart and a hacker (and it gets him in trouble). He's the closest thing this world has to a conspiracy theorist. If you've seen Serenity or Firefly, he reminds me of Mr. Universe in personality.

    Already Considered: I don't really have real names for him, but I've been calling him Hawk Eye.

    Anything else?: The other characters that are in his immediate life and Tevin, Leontine, and Tank (who needs a name).

    Other names considered: For the book in general, I've toyed with these names (but none of them are right for the 2 boys):
    Zinovia, Uliana, Nephele, Sanziana.

    Dimian, Spiridon, Cymbeline, Eirwyn

    And I'm good with odd word names as there aren't any real naming convention here. They can do as they wish. There's a little girl in there named Blueberry, so anything like that goes also. -- My Amazon Author Page

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