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    Red face Just a random BNG!

    Names: You:_________,__________. & Your Twin:__________,____________. Your's & twins FN Your's & twins MN Choose girls surname.

    Your BF/DF:__________,___________. Your twins BF/DF:_________,___________. Your BF FN & MN Your twins BF FN & MN You choose surnames.

    *<< there to tell you when you should add names and delete the '*' text- whatever it may be.

    The story-

    You*______ and your twin * _______ have always been together for as long as you remember.. You are best friends and you have both just graduated from school and are off to college, You both chose the same college which was*college*, so you were never far from each other.. You were not in the same dorm rooms though.. which you didnt mind. as you had to have a social life other than each other too.. Your roommate is 18 the same age as you. Your roommates name is >name-FN&MN< she is taking *Subject* at college. You tell her you have also decided to take *Subject*. You are borh thrilled to be in the same class.. You feel that this could be the start of a lovely friendship between the 2 of you & you continue to unpack. Later that day you go to your sisters dorm room. She is through the double doors at the end of your door in the next building. So not far if you ever wanted to go and visit hr during fee periods or of an evening. So you knock on your sisters dorm room door.. The number is 314 yours is 210, *sister* opens the door and invites you in. You are introduced to her roommate - >name FN&MN< You tell * sister* about your roommate and how she is taking the same subject as you, and how nice she is.


    College has been great you all succeeded to get distinctions in your courses. You all have boyfriends, (names you have already chosen) You, *your roommate, sister and her room mate* (add their names) agree that in 6 months you will all meet up at * you choose*. You and your sister have just signed the paperwork for renting a 2 bed house, You also both got jobs in what you are qualified for. Where do you work & where does your sister work..?

    You are both very busy with work your boyfriends and every other little thing in between on the day of the meet up you forget until very last minute- then you have to rush and get to the place before * friends* leave.. you take your BF's with you also. And you get there 10 minutes late.. You only see one friend.. It is your roommate- your sisters roommate from college is nowhere to be seen. You both run up to >name< and ask where >name< is.. She replies. 'Calm down, >name< is in hospital' you and your sister shockingly respond 'HOSPITAL!!' *friend* then says yes she is in labour.. yours and sisters hearts sink.. you really thought something bad had happened..! and BABY!! you were never told about any baby!! Friend goes on to tell you that she or her bf did not know about it until the last minute and only she had been told a few hours ago that same day!
    So instead of the meet up at *where ever you chose* you are now off to the hospital to see your sisters roommate * name* and her newborn baby boy. She wants some help in naming her son.. and you, your sister and friend decide to help her out you all choose the name..(whatever you choose) and your friend LOVES it in fact she and her bf prefer it to what they had originally chose. so they stick with that.

    After a busy day you all go home to your house.. 2 months pass.. and you decide to talk to your sister and ask her if she thinks that you should both ask you bf's to move in as you have been with them for 3 years. *sister* agrees so the next day you ask them.. They agree that it would be better as they have an apartment each of their own. So 3 weeks later 2 men are moving in to your home..! You are both super excited.. all goes to plan and you feel more at home than you ever did.

    4 months have passed and you are a happy house! Doing well in your jobs even getting promotions. 2 weeks after your promotion you're feeling sick and cant bare to get up. Your sister takes the day off work to look after you. She asks you a question that will change your life.. 'Could you be pregnant?' You think and think.. No surely you cant.. You sister says she is nipping to the shop for a test.. she comes back 20 minutes later. you take it and wait 2 minutes.. (the longest 2 minutes ever!!) it comes back with being positive! You are stunned.. (although sister is excited for you) You wait for *bf* to get home and you call him in to the bedroom and explain your news; he is thrilled.. & gives you a hug and says that the news is amazing! You are even more stunned when after you break the news to *bf* you sister comes in with her bf *bf name* and announces that SHE is also pregnant and she found out 3 weeks ago an was waiting til pass 12 weeks to say, but seeing as you are she thought she may aswell..

    2 weeks pass and you have your scan you find out that you are 8 weeks gone and they have found TWO heartbeats!!! (you could have fallen off of the table) Your sister is also having a scan, she find out that she is 11 weeks- and she has even more news than you did.. She has THREE heartbeats!! So together you will be having 5 children!! in a matter of months!!! Time to move to a bigger home???

    Your little brother *name* is in estate and found you both homes.. (next door) both 3 bedroom homes.. You and your sister are happy about that as you are able to be a little family and have your sister next door- with her little family!! You all move in to your new homes 4 weeks later..

    6 months later your sister has her triplets on the 5th november via c-section -Childrens weights are 3lb 9oz, 4lb oz, & 4lb 3oz.
    you may choose genders. & names.. baby 3lb 9oz becomes; ___________, __________. baby 4oz becomes; ___________, ___________. & baby 4lb 3oz becomes; ____________, __________.

    4 days later you go into labour..with your twins!! on the 9th november you welcome your first twin at 11.58 and on the 10th november you welcome your second twin at 12.03- 4 minutes between them! you choose genders again..
    T#1-: ___________,____________. T#2: ___________, _____________.

    name your families..

    Possible part two may arrive at some point.....
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