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    Ebony Matilda Blossom is absolute perfection.

    I agree with whirligig: Ebony, Luna and Blossom are all word/nature names, so that theme can get a little heavy. Also, if you have another, you may be stuck trying to find something you love that "goes" with Ebony's name - and there are only so many nature names one can like. Save Luna for baby #2!

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    Middle name for Ebony

    I prefer Ebony Matilda. I think that it has a beautiful sound and the middle name has a UK feel.

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    You'll have to sing her "Ochi Chyornya" as a lullaby! It's a really dramatic Russian song about dark eyes. I love Matilda. Not wild about Blossom - sitcom association.

    Ebony Matilda Lune
    Ebony Matilda Bloom
    Ebony Matilda Selene (Greek moon goddess, aka Artemis)
    Ebony Stella Mathilde

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    I like the flow of Ebony Matilda better than Ebony Luna, but I'm also not wild about Blossom...too wordy and a bit cutesy together.

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    I definitely like the sound of Ebony Luna Blossom better, but after seeing what others said about it being too wordy, I can see their point. Ebony Matilda Blossom doesn't sound quite right to me, though.
    What about:
    Ebony Carmina Blossom
    Ebony Zamora Blossom
    Ebony Selena Blossom
    Favorite names at the moment:
    Simone Sage
    Andre Larion

    Other names I like: Veronica Vivian Lydia Octavia Bianca Flora Zulima Augustine Elsa Avalon Zamora Carmina

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