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    Ebony Luna Blossom is cute! Also I think you're the reason Ebony goes in my list now.

    Other ideas I have:

    Ebony Cora Blossom
    Ebony Harper Blossom (sorry, I just suggest Harper everywhere because I'm in love with it)
    Ebony Lila Blossom
    Ebony Rosalie Blossom
    Ebony Rowan Blossom
    Ebony Stella Blossom

    Ebony Lila Roisin
    Ebony Matilda Roisin
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    Ebony Matilda Blossom sounds better to me than Ebony Luna Blossom.(which also sounds pretty)
    I'd like to make some first middle suggestions. Beforehand, I'd like to mention I agree 100% about Ebony not being a name option for African American girls, but for girls of all colors. I've always liked the name Ebony.
    Ebony Natalia Blossom
    Ebony Demaris Blossom *(dem-air-iss)
    Ebony Ophelia Blossom
    Ebony Matilda Blossom still sounds like one of the best though

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    ''Beautiful, makes me think of a fragrant aubergine colored flower blooming in the moonlight''

    That is so lovely, thank you. x

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    Thanks for all the input Berries, much appreciated.

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    I would use Matilda as Ebony and Luna are two wordy style names. Plus, I agree. Why should we segregate names? I thought as a world we were trying move past racism? Stop name racism!

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