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    My parents pronounce my name differently, but most people don't hear the difference.

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    I pronounce it with the "EX" at the beginning. I much prefer it this way.

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    I think most English-speakers are going to pronounce it (IG-zay/v/yer), but the real pronunciation is (ZAV/ee-air). Both are technically correct, even if the latter is more legit. I like the "real" one : )
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    This name should never be pronounced with the "X". As with most "X" names, the letter "X" is silent. "ZAY-vee-er" is the correct pronunciation.
    I agree with Mischa. For example for Xylophone you don't say Ex-i-lo-fone you say Zi-lo-fone.

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    The correct pronunciation is ZAY-vee-er. However, growing up I watching a lot of X-Men and the X-Men movies just keep coming (they've got several more in the making). Charles Xavier pronounces his name X-ay-vee-er and that's how I grew up learning how to say this name. I also have only ever met Xavier's who pronounce it with the X sound. While it's not proper, it is extremely common and I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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