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    Wink Hypothetical Sister for Hypothetical Atticus and Caspian

    So I'm a really big fan of the name Atticus, and very recently Caspian. They're such beautiful, strong boys names. However, though there are more girl names in my signature than boys, I'm not as enraptured with any of them as I am with Atticus and Caspian.
    I really love Alethea and Ariadne (I have a Greco-Roman trend going on here), but they're sort of out-there. Not that I mind, but it would be nice to find a girls' name that is as uncommon as Atticus and Caspian, yet just as familiar and easily recognizable.
    I'm open to everything, but brownie points for Greco-Roman names :P
    In addition, does anyone else have the inexplicable problem where they like one gender of names much better than the other? What are your faves from that gender?
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    I love boys names much more than girls names. My style tends to change by whatever is influencing me at the time and if I've only heard of it reacently.

    I love Theo and Leo, obviously can't use them both. I love Cal on it's own, but I don't especially feel any of the long versions, same with Kit.

    As for Greco-Roman names, I had a brief phase of Greek names, so I have a list, some ones that might work for you are Accalia, Damaris, Clea, Evanthe, Ianthe, Pandora, Hester, Philomena, Persephone, Iola, Indigo, Lux, Thalia, Xanthe, and Zoya.

    My personal favourites from my list were Hali (Hal-e, not Hayley) and Electra. I love that Hali means the sea and Electra sounds pretty spunky.
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    I absolutely adore Caspian; it's currently no. 1 for me Atticus is brilliant too! I love both of the books that those names came from. Would you be looking for another book name or not especially?
    Matilda (don't know where you are... here in Australia this name is top 20, which makes me really sad. In the US it's somewhere around the 600-700 mark though, I believe)
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    Best of luck!

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