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    I work @ a pediatricians office, and we generally don't have any "really bad" names..just "really bad" spellings..such as..

    The first name that pops into my head is.

    Chrisgeaonna (really...?)
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    I've heard a boy get called up to the front named Robryn. No, not Robyn/Robin, Robryn. The nurse came out and called for a Robyn ____, and the mom and her son stood up. The mom told the nurse "It's actually Robryn, not Robyn. R-O-B-R-Y-N. Robryn." So I've got to say that is my least favorite. It could be her maiden name or something, but to me it just sounded creative.

    My favorite was a set of brothers named Madison and Harper.
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    I was at the opticians recently and heard Emerald called out! I felt sorry for the little girl- she was only about 3.
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    Worst Baby names

    The worst baby name I have heard was a boy named Lucifer, a girl named Marleigh, a girl named Finleigh, and a girl named Scout.

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