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    2. Towers

    Genre of Story:Sci-Fi

    Time Period/Location: 2650/USA

    Brief Plot: [i] The world became so overpopulated and polluted that people moved into massive skyscrapers. A few hundred years later, the tower dwellers are under the impression no one is left alive on the earth. It turns out that there are survivors, who live in a dystopia completely different from the utopia above them. MMC finds himself thrown from the perfect world he's used to into this dystopia.

    Names of Current Characters: Neve, Tally

    Character Description: She’s tough, self sufficient, and strong willed. She’s had a hard past that she doesn’t like talking about. Her own survival is the only thing important to her. As the story progresses, she begins to shed this hard core.

    Other: I keep switching between Marin/Maren and Riven/Rivan. Which name/spelling do you think is best?

    Character Description: Starts the story being cocky and self centered. He’s used to having everything he could possibly want right in front of him. Shows no inhibition and is quick to speak his mind or do what he wants, which gets him in some trouble.

    Other:I’m really trying to decide between Dane and Dean for him. Dane feels more futuristic and is more in line with the other names, but I keep going back to the Great Dane image. What do you think?

    Character Description: He’s big, sullen, and muscular with dark skin. He sees what needs to be done and will stop at nothing to do it. He’s the leader of the group that forms.

    Other: I can’t decide between Zed, Zeb, or Zeph.

    Other: I have another character named Aster, who’s a boy, but on Nameberry it says that Aster is a girl’s name. Do you think that’s ok? I could change it to Calder.

    Also, feel free to suggest any other names for each of the characters.


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    Character 1 -- I like Marin. Riven I used for a boy in my own novel so I can't think of it on a girl. Actually, Riven seems cool for your third character.
    Maybe you'd like -- Imara (strong), Isana (Strong willed woman), Uzza (Strong), Leto (hidden one)

    Character 2 -- I like Dane better. It doesn't sound more futuristic necessarily, but Dean sounds very 70-80s. Also, with the cocky "I can do what I want" attitude, Dane just seems to fit.
    Maybe you'd like -- (I'm doing ironic names for this one and just names that feel cocky) Esmun (a kind man), Tacio (he who is quiet), Von, Lance, Vander

    Character 3 -- Zeph is the one I like there. Zed and Zeb both make me think of farm boys. Do you need it to start with a Z? I'll suggest some of those and others too.

    Here's some Z ones I think work for this guy:

    Zane (won't work if you use Dane)
    Zeke -- this is perfect for the guy in my head


    Dasan -- leader
    Emmet -- whole, immense, universal
    Idris -- fiery leader
    Justus -- just, righteous
    Rollo -- famous wolf, strong and wise
    Timur -- iron

    As for the other guy, don't have to believe it can only be a girl name. The only Aster I know is a man. As a matter of fact, he's sort of like that guy in #3. He's really big, but sort of quiet, determined and very nice. I don't think it sounds very feminine anyway.

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    Thanks for your suggestions! I was actually leaning toward Marin and Dane, so I'll probably go with them. I like Imara, Von, and Vander, too, though.

    I don't need the third guy to start with Z, it just kind of happened that way. I love Zeke for him! Thanks!

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