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Thread: A Little Surfer

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    Love the Dylan suggestion!

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    Moses is such a cool suggestion.

    You could consider Wave as a middle. (Not into it with Moses tho.)

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    Kainoa, as most have agreed, means the child of the sea, the sea with no restrictions, the free-flowing ocean
    Pronounced Kai-Noah. I have a little blond curly haired Noah and he looks like a little surfer dude and one day on at Moonlight beach he played with a tan long haired surfer boy named Kainoa and the meaning was just made for you guys. Hawaiian origin. I would have used it had I heard it before having my son as I was born in beautiful Hawaii I think its awesome
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    This is one if my favourite name themes to think about, as I love the imagery surfer names evoke!

    Are you a fan of Hawaiian names? Things like:


    If you like Bali for a girl have you considered the interesting and rare Balaram (ie the surfer, Balaram Stack...coolest name ever!), nn Bali?

    Sebastian, nn Seabass or Bastian/Bassy is one I've always been fond of

    Beckett nn Beck, or just Beck alone, that has the water connection. I also think a previous suggestion of Moses is lovely! Just read the Kainoa suggestion, it's great but also consider Kanoa, a Japanese name and the name of a really awesome little grom!

    Others to consider: Curren (after Tom Curren), Ripley (oozes cool when you imagine a little 'Rip' ripping, no?), Dorian, Styx, Callan, Cillian, Merrick, Jonah/jonas, Muir, Dover, Lochlan (Lochy), Bay works better for a boy IMO, Nile/Niall, Ridge...oh so many would be good! Will think if more, hope you like some of these!

    Kai is massive,y overused, and my problem with it has always been that my first association with it was as the Maori word, meaning food...

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