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    Unique Names for Girls

    Hi Berries,
    I need some help with finding name ideas for the sister of Jason, Noah, and Genevieve, please. My style is everywhere! I try to stay away from popular names. Jason and Noah were named after family members. Otherwise they would've been Grover and possibly Rufus or Wilfred
    I would like to find a name that is,
    three syllables
    a different first letter than J, N, or G

    Last name Colton

    So far I have
    Louisa - husband doesn't LOVE this one
    Luna - two syllables, I love it though?

    Any other ideas or any opinions of these names?

    Thank you so much!
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    Of the list, I think Matilda sounds the best with your other children's names.

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    I like the triple C! I think it is very cute. Clementine Claudia is my favorite
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    Thank you for replying! My husband loves Matilda but his name is Matthew nn Matt or Matty so I thought that they may be too similar. However, there is the cute option of Tillie for baby's nn
    I LOVE Clementine too! I'm glad someone else thinks the triple C is cute I like the idea of (C)Lemen for a nn. Of course there are several adorable options for this name. Thank you for replying!
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    Matilda Claudia sounds gorgeous
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