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    Baby boy due on Christmas Day.

    I have spent hours on nameberry and can't seem to come up with a name that I love for baby boy #3. Older brothers are Iver and Charlie (both family names, although I'm not set on a family name this time around). Our last name is 4 syllables and starts with a B, sounds like Belandernik.

    Please look over my list so far and share thoughts along with new suggestions.

    A few things to consider:

    I tend to shy away from trendier names. I gravitate toward Archibald over Archer ect..

    I love a name with a good nickname like Charles/Charlie.

    I come from a Danish family and am named Thea pronounced Tay-uh, so a scandinavian name would fit into our family well.

    George. My husband's favorite
    Archibald/Archie. Is Archibald just too much?
    Walter/Walt. Too nerdy?
    Finnegan/Finn Too trendy?
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