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    Common FN with a spunky nickname

    I am pregnant with a boy and we are choosing between Thomas and Michael. Both are family names and we will use one as a FN and one as a MN.

    Lets say you had to choose one as a FN, which one would you choose?

    I know they are both common but I like the idea of using a spunky and uncommon nickname with a classic/traditional FN.

    Which nicknames do you like? I know some of them are a bit of a stretch.

    Toby or Tobi (Can a boy's name have an 'i' on the end? With the 'i', it would be the same letters as his dad's nn but switched around)
    Teddy (his initials would be TD)
    Tom or Thom (But this seems like such a big name for a baby, even though it is so short lol)
    T or Tee
    Moss (from 'mas')

    Chael ('ch' sound)
    Cael ('k' sound)
    Micah (although I'm 99% sure my SO will not let me use this)
    Mika ('mee-kuh')

    I would rather not use Tommy or Mike as nicknames because they have already been used in our families. Can you think of any others that would work? It doesn't matter if they are a bit of a stretch. It would probably be just a family nickname anyway.

    Thank you so much for your help or any nickname suggestions.

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    I like Thomas nn Tate and Micheal nn Mack. Really cute nn ideas for traditional names. Good luck!
    Theodore Arthur

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    My dad's name is Tom and he went by Tommy and T until he graduated from HS. My mom still calls him T (they met in HS) and his siblings still call him Tommy. I'm probably partial to those nicknames for that reason. But you could call your son whatever you want for any reason-- formal names are for birth certificates & diplomas. I know people with all sorts of crazy nicknames. Pick whichever name strikes you.

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    For starters, Thomas Michael would be my choice for fn and mn order.

    Secondly, I like Tom or T as a NN for his first name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyninja143 View Post
    I like Thomas nn Tate and Micheal nn Mack. Really cute nn ideas for traditional names. Good luck!
    My thoughts exactly.

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