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    I vote for Archibald! If Amy Poehler can use it, I think you can too I think it bridges your two boys' names well - the old-fashioned respectability of Iver, with the down-to-earth friendliness of Charlie. Good luck!

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    Rupert immediately leapt to mind! I'm not a fan of Archibald mainly because of the Bald portion, and I do think Archie is a bit matchy with Charlie, leaving Iver rather out in the cold. I also love Gerard for you, I think it has the same vintage quirky feel and it's similar to George but less traditional.
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    Arthur and Walter are perfect with his brothers!
    Other suggestions:
    Percival (I do have a massive soft spot for this name)!!
    current favorite names:



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    Otto would be ace! Or Viggo! Good, solid Scandinavian names - Anders also is lovely, Thor (pronounced Tor) is super cool.

    John, nn. Johnnie is underused and totally ready for a comeback!

    Solomon nn sol
    Harold nn Hal
    Malcolm nn Mal

    I have a cousin called Archibald, nn Archie - it's a fantastic name and so substantial! The nickname is cute on a little boy and translates well into adulthood. If he really wants when he's old, he can still get the nn Archer from it - very simple!

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    Edwin - Win!
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    From your list, I really love George, Arthur, and Walter. All were on my list for this baby early on

    Other suggestions:

    Martin (we're using this, with nn Mars)
    Richard nn Hardy (I feel like this could split the difference between Iver and Charlie)
    Edmund nn Ned
    Frederick nn Fritz
    Francis nn Frankie

    Hmm, I know I had more, but lost my train of thought!
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