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    Does this sound ok?

    I never have liked the idea of using a one syllable first name with our one syllable last name. However, someone on here suggested Blake for baby #3 and I have fallen in love with it. A few questions:
    1. Does a one syllable name sound ok with a one syllable last name?
    2. Our last name starts with a C. Does the double "c" sound bad?
    3. How do you think it sounds in our sib set? Camden, Zoey, and Blake?

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    Any advice?

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    Is your "C" surname a hard sound like Carr or a soft sound Chandler? Or does the surname sound more like an "S"? Carr wouldn't be good but Chandler would be ok. Blake would be fine in your sibset.

    I just noticed your that the surname? I wouldn't know how to pronounce that one!
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    Blake w/a 'C/K' surname isn't ideal, but no worse than Camden. It goes well with the siblings' names, so if you love it, go for it! Best wishes!

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