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    Hyphenated first name?

    Usually a hyphenate first name - like Cami-Jo or Donna-May - would sound super southern...maybe even too much. But I've seen some names that are more charming and pretty like Mary-Neal or Mary-John. I've always been fascinated at the combination of a girlname-boyname for a little girl's first name.

    My great grandmother was Sara, and hubby's great-grandfather was James.

    What do you think of Sara-James?

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    I like hyphenates sometimes, but I'm hesitant about the man's name. Sara-Jane would be darling, or you could go for a James variation. James and Jacob are actually two variations of the same name, so you could go with Sara Jacqueline.

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    Ok...I like hyphenated names, but not so much the short Southern style. I like the hyphenated French/Catholic saints names in my ancestry--Jeanne-Marie, Marie-Josephte. I'd go w/Sara James as a double first name (sans hyphen) or use James as a mn. Seraphine James would be my preference.

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    I'm not ok with James as a girl name.
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    Hmmmm I'm not usually crazy about a double barrel FN. Except for the Marys. I dont know why Mary gets an exception but she does IMO. However, I agree with you that the girl-boy hyphen is actually lovely. I also agree with pp about the beautiful french hyphens.

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