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    Everyone is going to perceive certain names differently due to their individual experiences...Don't let that discourage you! I really believe that if a name has meaning to you or you just downright love should use it! I personally LOVE Vesper! =) I like the combo "Vesper Loren." I think it sounds strong yet feminine and mysterious. I do wish (now this is a very strange wish for a name connoisseur), that the name would become just a hint more common. I feel like then it you catapult it out of the potentially strange zone and into the unusual/unique zone. Nevertheless...I think it is beautiful and very usable =)

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    It's my daughter's name! We get some side-eyes for sure, but I LOVE it.
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    I love Vesper and would love to meet one. Such a soft, mysterious sound to the name. So beautiful.
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    I like it. I mostly associate it with evening prayers (Vespers), so it's kind of a hidden virtue name to me, and I love those subtle virtue names : )
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    Honestly, I would think "poor little girl". It isn't feminine, pretty, or sweet. Those are qualities I value in a girl's name. It also sounds like someone is mis prn Vespa. It isn't going to scar a child for life or anything, but I wouldn't use it.

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