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    Perfumes for you and your man

    I am totally out of date with the best fragrances of today for we girls and our men so please list your favourites and tell me why you like them!

    Psalm 23

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    I thought that you would inundate me with suggestions in regard to your favourite perfumes. Don't we girls all have a favourite perfume that ticks all the boxes?

    I am sure that there are some great new fragrances that you must have tried, so what are they?

    Looking forward to hearing about the latest and greatest in fragrances that you use.

    Psalm 23

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    I'm just going to list the perfumes on my table, Husband might have some in his bathroom that I don't know about. We use a lot of the same perfumes, I usually prefer fragrances for men or unisex ones, with a few exceptions. I'll star my favourites.

    These are unisex and masculine fragrances worn by both of us:
    Amouage - Gold for Men
    Amouage - Honour Man
    Boadicea the Victorious - Almas
    Boadicea the Victorious - Nemer
    Boadicea the Victorious - Pioneer
    Creed - Green Irish Tweed (I don't wear this one)
    Dolce&Gabbana - Velvet Tender Oud
    Dolce&Gabbana - Velvet Wood
    Narcisso Rodriguez - For Him
    Penhaligon's - Endymion
    Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver (I don't wear this either)
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Black Violet
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Cafe Rose
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Jonquille de Nuit
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Lavender Palm
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Noir de Noir
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Ombre de Hyacinth
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Oud Wood
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Santal Blush
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Shanghai Lily
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Tobacco Vanille
    Tom Ford Private Blend - Tuscan Leather

    These are feminine fragrances only worn by me:
    Creed - Love in Black
    Creed - Love in White
    Dior - Midnight Poison
    Juliette Has a Gun - Calamity Jane
    Juliette Has a Gun - Lady Vengeance
    Narcisso Rodriguez - For Her
    Penhaligon's - Zizonia
    Robert Piguet - Bandit
    Tom Ford - Black Orchid
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    My husband wears a few different colognes, but my favorite on him by far is Adidas Moves. As for me, I tend to go cheaper with the "fragrance mists" (aka anything from Bath and Body Works [Is that international?]), and switch them up according to season. In the winter it's almost always vanilla, which is my husband's favorite. This past summer I had a coconut lime, and right now I'm using a sweet plum and freesia.

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    I will reply when I don't have a pile of homework!! We love perfumes/colognes around here <3

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