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    Name your family.

    Okay, here are the rules: You have 18 kids. 5 kids must be boys. If you want to include last names then you use your husbands last name or crush/boy friend.. Also, Your children must have two middle names. You should have a set of twins, and a set of triplets. Example, here is mine.

    1. Alba Sutton Elizabeth Burr
    2. Aria Raelyn Aleah Burr
    3. Braelyn Aspen Annette Burr
    4.Lacy Sariah Addilyn Burr
    5. (triplet 1 girl) Bristol Auburn Michlle Burr
    6.Ainsley Leighton Paige Burr
    7.(boy triplet 2) Daniel Logan Matthew Burr
    8.(triplet 3 girl) Easton Blair Mackenzie Burr
    9.(boy) Braylon Carter Preston Gage Burr
    10.Rachel Ann Elizabeth Burr
    11.(boy) Bentley Ryan James Burr
    12.(boy twin 1) Carson Noah Jasper Burr
    13.(boy twin 2) Casey Lee Andrew Burr
    14.(boy) Landon Michael Dean Burr
    15.Gracelynn Isabella Mikaylan Burr
    16.Emily Courtney Nikkole Burr
    17.Emmalyne Rayland Annabeth burr
    18.Dallas Lydia Cheyenne Burr

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