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Thread: Radiant Lads

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    Thoughts in this thread?

    Jasper Samuel Orion | Henrik Matthias Reid
    Lydia Primrose | Diana Cataleya (Leya) | Mattea Glory (Tea) | Beatrix Illyria |

    Cora | Gemma |Adalind | Arya
    Remy | Peter | Alaric | Elijah

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    Oh yay! Such brilliant names were mentioned!

    Alexa400 - I think Lior, Belenus, & Lux are dashing, though I do look at Lux as a girl name, never heard it for a boy before!

    Ribbons-and-Soldiers - Taliesin is an interesting name, I've never heard it before, nor Astrophel. Hesperos I think is my favorite.

    Redwoodfey - I love Hyperion, and have for a long time! Helios is a lovely name as well.

    Faithnamer - I like Dritan for some reason, it sounds made up but it flows so well to me! A few others I liked were Jairus, Uriah, & Killian. I loved Lucan!

    Ikfly - Elrond is darling! (Then again I'm biased since I adore Lord of the Rings) I also like Orion, and Uri.
    Possible Names:

    Liam Ezra Aoife Roisin Fionn Mordecai Clara Rosemary Leo Benedict Eloise Clodagh

    Lysander * Hyperion * Oliver * Roderick * Seamus * Niall * Edmund * Draco * Tadhg
    Lilyanna * Lux * Saoirse * Helena * Emma * Luna * Ellie * Ava * Arurora

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