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Thread: Radiant Lads

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    Radiant Lads

    I'm curious to know if anyone knows any names that mean Bright, Light, Shining, Luminous, or has anything to do with stars, or anything such as that. I'm having trouble finding names for boys that mean such things as this, for girls it's much more easier and I have a long list of them. I'll gladly accept any suggestions, and Thank you ahead of time!
    Possible Names:

    Liam Ezra Aoife Roisin Fionn Mordecai Clara Rosemary Leo Benedict Eloise Clodagh

    Lysander * Hyperion * Oliver * Roderick * Seamus * Niall * Edmund * Draco * Tadhg
    Lilyanna * Lux * Saoirse * Helena * Emma * Luna * Ellie * Ava * Arurora

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    Akio- bright & heroic/manly, Japanese
    Belenus- bright, brilliant, Celtic mythology
    Bertram/Bertrand/Albert/Robert/Norbert- (or pretty much any Germanic name containing 'Bert') means bright
    Roshan- Light/ bright, Persian
    Sirius- a star, and it's root is from seirios, which means burning
    Argider- beautiful light, basque
    Horus- God of Light, Egyptian mythology
    Lior- My light, Hebrew
    Lucius- light, ancient roman
    Lux- light, ancient roman
    Tane- God of forest & light, Maori
    Argus- glistening, shining, Ancient Greek
    Altair- name of a star in the constellation Aquila
    Anwar- brighter, more luminous, Arabic
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    Elior - "My God is My Light"
    Abner - "My Father is a Light"
    Gilbert - "Bright Pledge"
    Bertram - "Bright Raven"
    Sherwood - "Bright Forest"
    Lambert - "Bright Land"
    Argus - "Glistening, Shining"
    Taliesen - "Shining Brow"
    Zopyros - "Glowing"
    Altair - "The Flyer", Name of a star in the constellation Aquila
    Astrophel - "Star Lover"
    Castor - "To Shine, To Excel", Name of a star in the constellation Gemini
    Hesperos - "Evening", Personification of the evening star
    Rigel - "Foot", star in the constellation Orion
    Sterling - "Excellent", comes from sterling silver, which was named for the emblem that Norman coins had, and comes from an Old English word that means "little star"

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    Good suggestions so far. The only others I can think of off the top my head are Hyperion (Titan who ruled over sun and light) and his son Helios (sun god). Sisters were Selene (moon) and Eos (dawn). I'll think on it and come back if I find anything.
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    These are all boys names:

    Beacon (Not sure what it means, not even sure if it's a name, but I like the sound of it!)
    Abner (God is a light)
    Barak (Though it's the president's name, it means "flash of light')
    Dritan (Light)
    Lior (Kind of like Dior.. Means "My light")
    Fingall (Kind of looks like finger, but Finn is a cute nn... Means "Stranger with light")
    Jair or Jairus (He will light up)
    Kiran (Ray of light)
    Lucan (Light)
    Neriah (Burning light of God)
    Orel (Golden)
    Uriah (The Lord is light)
    Zerach (Light)
    Argos/Argus (Bright)
    Blake (Bright)
    Brighton (Bright settlement)
    Gilbert (Bright oath)
    Faivish (Bright)
    Ingel (Bright angle)
    Killian (Bright)
    Robin (Bright fame)

    Some of those are a bit weird, but I hope I could help!
    At this website, you can search names by meaning. It's where I found all my names for this list.

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