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Thread: Down to 2!

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    Down to 2!

    After narrowing down our list, we are down to 2 names Quentin and Gideon. Our last name is Jones, so very common. I am a little worried that Gideon is a little too "out there" please let me know what you think!

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    I love Gideon! Quinton is fine, but I don't have the same reaction to it personally. Also, Quinn etc are (sadly) going to the girls.

    PS - you may get more feedback from a poll.


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    Quinton Jones is a famous American football player.

    Gideon is not too out there at all! I love it
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    Gideon is handsome. Quentin...well, Tarantino just freaks me out a bit, so definitely Gideon!

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    I like Quinton, but Gideon gets my vote. It has spunk and rhythm to it.
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