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  • Seamus Maybick

    32 36.36%
  • Ewan Maybick

    31 35.23%
  • Colin Maybick

    25 28.41%
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    This was incredibly hard because I love both Seamus and Ewan. I ultimately ended up going with Ewan because I think it sounds better with Maybick.
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    Seamus. Hands down. If I had an Irish surname, this would have been my top pick.

    As for pronunciation, I assure you that the name is worth it. I was an aide to a little boy by the name, and people only ever had to be told his name once. It was memorable, and I think that there is a frame of reference for pronunciation via the familiar Sean.

    ETA: I live in the Midwest, so it's not like we're the height of cultural awareness here, but very few people pronounced it wrong, even reading it for the first time. Also, consider that most people just ask how to pronounce a name these days, rather than butcher it. People are used to it, with all the deliberate misspellings, obscure, and/or names from other cultures.
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    I think you should go with Seamus because you both love it.
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    Thanks, everyone. We really do like Seamus!

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    I voted for Ewan but honestly, I love all 3. Colin and Seamus are both quite common where I live so I am used to them. I am hearing people use Ewan a bit more but just love it. You can't lose w/ any, all really great choices! I wouldn't let the pronunciation issues turn you off..Seamus is not that bad. Once you told people once, they'd get it.
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