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    Ideas for sibling to Edison and Reagan

    Hi Berries,

    I'm gonna start TTC sometime soon and of course I've already started to consider names. I'd love suggestions that flow well with future older brother Edison, and older sister Reagan. I like surname names, but I'm open to other choices, just trying to avoid being too matchy. Boy and girl names are welcome :-)


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    Hmm. I'm not the best with coming up with unique suggestions, but I agree with keeping the theme of surname sounds (though I'd look for less 'commonly heard as last name' choices to keep it from looking like a law firm). Also, stay with more unisex names for your girls, like Reese, Payton, Morgan, so that Reagan alone isn't lumped in the boy group.
    One surname name for a boy that I have really grown fond of lately is Mercer. I didn't like it at first but it's actually kinda bad ass sounding to me now. Also I like Parker, Parks is cool as a nickname or on its own. Sterling is an awesome name I see every now and then around where I live, and one I would consider for a boy if it weren't so alliterative with my boyfriend's last name (same first three letters are shared, so it's too much, sadly!).

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    Thank you for your suggestions! I was thinking about Payton, and I love Reese, but our last name has a strong 'S' in it that would make it awkward

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    Thoughts in this thread?

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