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    Give me a style, suggest names, help me out berries!

    I am looking to expand my list of names, which as of late have been all over the place. I have a few names which I always come back to as favorites. Then I have my wildcards, names I love but am unsure of, and then there are the names that have immense meaning for me personally, but can also fit into the wildcard category or the come-backs.

    I would like suggestions on additional names, style's to look into, and anything else you think I could use. Just looking to expand my list/organize. Not actually pregnant, nor am I trying.

    I put this in the sibling section because, ideally I would find a few sets that work together - I will post in general name section if I get a poor response.

    The come-backs:
    Joy (usually something Joy, like Sarah Joy, or Joy Anna
    Mary Catherine "Cat" (or just Mary)
    Ysabeau "Beau"

    James (possibly nickname Jem)
    Brandon "Bran" (mostly for the nickname)
    Abraham "Bram" (mostly for the nickname)
    Enzo (short for?)

    Personally meaningful names:
    Rose (could be Rose-anything, but particularly Rose)


    The Wildcards:
    Ysabeau "Beau"


    Hopefully you get an idea from this selection. Many of the names have familial ties, or important personal meanings. Not all. Some names I just like.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Rose - I like Rose as a first name.It has become such a "filler" mn that it sounds refreshing in first place. I also love Rosalind, Rosamund and Rosaline.

    Ophelia - better in the middle spot (some people hear "oh-feel-ya"). Alternatives: Cordelia, Cressida, Cecilia/Celia

    Josephine - I love the strength and majesty of this name. I also like Geraldine, Evangeline, Mazarine, Caroline, Eleanor, Claudine, Berndette, Bernice, Justine, Margaret/Marguerite, Seraphine, Charlotte, Genevieve and Emmeline.

    Joy (usually something Joy, like Sarah Joy, or Joy Anna) - better in the middle spot. Suggestions: Hope, Faith, Verity, Clarity, Constance, Felicity

    Jemima - I like this name and it's used regularly in the UK. However, it's not popular in America due to the Aunt Jemima syrup and its racial connotations. Suggestions: Delilah, Tabitha, Junia, Susannah

    Jane - a short, sweet and simple gem with literary pedigree. I like Grace, Claire and Ruth as well.

    Veda - a name with exotic flair. Suggestions: Vega, Vita/Vida, Luna and Lyra. Combo: Veda Josephine.

    Alba - I've grown to like this one. I like Ada, Alma , Eva and Elsa too!

    Mary Catherine/Mary - I like both options but I would love to meet a little Mary...or a Jane, Anne or Joan!

    Susannah/Susan - Susan is "dated" but Susanna/Susannah is lovely! Suggestions: Miriam, Abigail, Dinah

    Matisse - better in the middle spot. Alternatives: Monet, Millais, Miro, Manet, even Jolie or Chanel

    Eponine - Les Miz name meets My Little Pony. Suggestion: Pomeline

    Scout - cute as a nn only but I can't imagine a mature woman with this name. Same problem I have with Piper.

    Giulianna - it's ok but nothing exciting. If you're not Italian, I would spell it Juliana or Julianna.

    Matilda - this has a lot of the same qualities of Josephine with an added bonus: it has spunk! May I suggest Veronica, Louisa, Vivian, Violet, Helena and Johanna.

    Ysabeau "Beau" - I prefer Isabel or Isobel. Beau is masculine. Belle is feminine.Suggestions: Yvette, Yvonne, Yvaine.

    Clarice - I like pretty well all of the "Claire" names. This is pretty but I can still hear the evil Hannibal Lecter in the film "Silence of the Lambs" saying it after all of these years. Some images stay a little too long in one's mind. There is also Clarimond, Clarissa, Clara, Clarinda and Clorinda.

    Abra - as in Abracadabra? No, try Adah, Aphra or Sabra.


    Brandon - it sounds tired and dated. Try Brendan, Brennan or even Bramwell.

    James (possibly nickname Jem) - a classic and timeless choice along with William, Henry, John, Joseph and Thomas.

    Huxley/Huck - better in the middle spot. Huck rhymes with a bad word so I wouldn't choose it. Alternatives: Kipling, Tennyson, Huxley, Hardy, Twain, Sawyer, Ibsen

    Abraham "Bram" - I prefer Abram but I wouldn't just pick a name because of the nickname. You should like both equally. Suggestions: Solomon, Moses, Mordecai, Gideon, Samson

    William - I prefer the Dutch spelling of Willem or just Will. A fine name and popular here on Nameberry and in the real world. Henry, Charles or any other classic would be good alternatives.

    David - a fine Biblical name but I know too many strange Davids to find it interesting. There is Daniel, Damian and Dante.

    Enzo (short for?) - Lorenzo is a full name. I love boys names ending in "o" but this one just looks incomplete. Try Hugo, Milo or Arlo.

    Richard - an underused classic. The Nixon Watergate scandal is fading from memory. Robert,

    Stanley - popular in England but not in North America. It's "geeky chic".

    Anthony - This is a fine name but I prefer Anton myself.

    Aldous - I like this name as well as Aldo.

    Bay - mn only. I like Heath and Finch.

    Oscar - I love this name. It has history and depth.

    Vox- mn only. Sister could be named Echo or Halo.

    Zephyr - You better have some other cool first names lined up to match this one! Maybe Orion?

    Cesare - Only Italians and serious name nerds would know how to pronounce it properly. I'm not sure about the rest of the population. I still like it with Massimo, Cosimo, Giacomo and company.
    All the best,

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