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    I don't think Aeropostale/Aerie is as popular in Canada and the US anymore, and Aerie was never as common as Aero, so if you live there I don't think too many people will associate it with your baby's nickname. I do, however, prefer Ariella to Aeriella and I think Aerie works just fine with both.
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    Ariella is pretty! Arie is cute, too I've never even heard of that store! I guess we don't have them here. Aerialla is an odd spelling to me. The name is already very different so try to making the spelling simple. Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rkrd View Post
    I'd use Arie as the nn, and I prefer Arielle. Aerie is where I buy sweatshirts.
    I think this is the best way to go. Arie is said the same and looks like the proper nn for Ariella, which is a gorgeous name by the way. I buy underwear at Aerie, but that wouldn't stop me from using Aerie/Arie as a nn. (please vote!)

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    This is just not the style of name that I like. I would rather see:


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    I understand what you mean.... you don't want people calling her "AR-ie"... I, too, LOVE the nickname Aerie. Here's an idea... One of my friends has a one year old whose name is Eriana. She spelled it this way because her name is Erica. Eriana is pronounces Aerie-ana. Have you considered Eriella? Or using Eri for another name? You won't have the store association as much, and you still get the same sound. Just an idea. Good luck!

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