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    On the fence with my favorite girl name....

    We just found out that we are expecting our second child. I am still clueless about what I would choose for a boy, but I have a girls name in mind. I'm having a hard time deciding whether I absolutely want to use this name, I've become suddenly obsessed with it recently.

    Our first son's name is Ryder. It is a strong, distinct boy's name and I want something pretty and feminine for a girl to go with it. I love the name Ariella, but I was thinking of changing the spelling a bit to Aeriella and I absolutely love the nickname Aerie ( pronounced air-ee ).

    What do all of you think about it? The main thing that is holding me back is the clothing store Aerie, the spin off of Aeropostale. I'm not sure I want my baby to always be associated with it but I just love the name and the nickname. It is light and pretty and I think very fitting for a little girl.

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    First thing I thought of was the clothing store Aerie. Even with that, I agree the spelling (Aerie) is pretty,
    What about keeping the spelling Ariella and using Aerie as a nickname. Most of the time you write out the full name anyways.

    love the name Ryder. So cute.
    good luck!

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    Aeriella just seems a bit overboard. She will spend a lot of time spelling it for people, and it looks foreign/misspelled... I'd just spell it Ariella and call her Aerie, as jenevievem said...
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    First of all, beautiful name! Sounds great with Ryder.

    I agree with above, Ariella nn Aerie is great, no need to spell it Aeriella.
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    I originally read that as Aurelia, Ariella can work with names being so creative like they are today. It reminds me of Gabreiella which I think is nice. Ari & aeri give me two different sounds when reading one ar like arg & aer likw air.

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