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    Thoughts on Sapphira?

    Its the Greek variation of Sapphire. I understand the meaning may be a turn off for some but most people do not look deep into meanings like us on NB or us name nerds do. So I am not concerned about that.

    What do you think about Sapphira and what middles go best with it? I have been struggling a little bit with combos.

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    Love Sapphira. I like the way it sounds even more than the way it looks on paper. Ok, middle names, that's tricky since Sapphira is such a show stopper. If you wanted to keep with the Greek-origin name theme, here are a few ideas for you:

    Sapphira Anastasia (normally I don't like a FN and MN that both end in the same letter, but with a longer MN, it somehow works for me)
    Sapphira Isadora
    Sapphira Eleanor
    Sapphira Calliope
    Sapphira Corisande
    Sapphira Eos

    Or, getting away from the Greek theme, maybe it would be interesting to give a MN that is very much in constrast with the lovely flow of Sapphira, but still ha slightly an exotic sound, e.g. Sapphira Tamar. Somehow that one really works for me.

    Of my list, my favorites are Sapphira Anastasia and Sapphira Tamar.

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    Sapphira Tamar is gorgeous, especially if you pronounce Tamar ta-MAR. The second syllable emphasis makes the whole thing pop, IMO.

    I like Sapphira (prefer Saffron, but Sapphira is nice) the precious stone image is an upside IMO. I also met a beautiful little girl names Sapphire not long ago which makes me think it could work. Besides, it's really no longer than Sophia... and a bit less tied to a commercial image than the otherwise-lovely Sephora.

    Sapphira Lee appeals to me for sheer stripped down simplicity. I never meet little girls with the middle name Lee, only older women, yet it has a spare and pretty sound to me.
    Sapphira Esme - another MN with second-syllable emphasis.
    Sapphira Ione - this is name-nerd corny ("violets are blue...") but I don't think anyone would get it in real life so it's not embarrassing, and I also think it's sweet. And it sounds nice. And its thematically Greek.

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    I think Sapphira is a nice variation of Sapphire.

    You may also like the name Sophronia.
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