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    Need Suggestions- Godly meanings

    I can't figure out a way to search for this. I take the meaning of my baby name very seriously. Right now we have Samuel, which means "Told by God". If we have another boy, he'll be Toby, which mean "God is great." Going along those lines, I'd like something similar for a girl. I really like Annalie, which means "Favored by the Lord." Hubby doesn't care for it though... Do you have any suggestions for a girl name? Thank you!

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    Great name meaning idea! And I love Samuel and Toby together. To give you more options, I am going outside the box a little here.

    Brielle - God is my might
    Elsa -- God's promise or God is my oath
    Eliora - God is my light
    Evanna - God is gracious
    Josette - Jehovah increases
    Moriah -- Reminds of Mt. Moriah where Abraham was prepared to offer his son. So, this has the connotation of "God provides" for me.
    Rayna - Song of the Lord

    That's all I can think of for now!
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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    These are some that I think would be good:
    Michelle- Who is like God
    Ariel- Light or lion of God
    Joanna- Grace or gift of God
    Judith- Praise of God
    Shiloh- Gods gift
    Azalia- Spared by Jehovah
    Beth- House of God
    Danielle- God is my judge
    Hannah- Gods grace
    Elisabeth- Pledged to God (spelled with an s because thats the way its spelled in the Bible)
    Jadyn- God has heard
    I hope this list helped you. I googled Chrisrian names and meanings. You have to really look around but I think its so much fun to do searches like those.

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    Thank you so much for the suggestions! Her middle name is actually going to be Michele- it's funny- I've never looked up the meaning for that! It's my middle name and we wanted to pass it down. Thank you!

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