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    I thought we might have a little topic devoted to music. What are your favorite songs at the moment? Bands? Artists? Genre?

    Perhaps get some recommendations too.

    I'll start then:

    The songs I generally listen to all seem to fit in the alternative genre. I do listen to songs from other genres, although I'm not a particular fan of metal and rap.

    Favorite songs at the moment:
    Gang of Rhythm by Walk Off The Earth
    Pompeii by Bastille
    Wetsuit by The Vaccines
    Shooting Stars & Fairy Tales by Mrs.Greenbird
    Elle me dit by MIKA

    The Vaccines
    Mrs. Greenbird
    Boy & Bear
    The Cranberries
    Jim Croce
    Of Monsters and Men
    77 Bombay Street

    And a song to listen to, the music video is awesome.
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