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    I'm Katherine nn Kate. I agree that Catherine seems slightly more classic than Katherine, but Cate is alternative whereas Kate is the little black dress version. I love my name, so I heartily approve of the name you're giving your daughter. There's no wrong choice here, but I ALWAYS go by Kate, so I honestly don't think it matters how you spell the longer version. I even use Kate on resumes now because it's a perfectly professional name.
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    I'm a Kathryn nn Kate and I love that I have a K version.a

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    I prefer Katherine nn Kitty
    but out of the above options I don't know I mean Catherine nn Cate does seem softer to me but I've never thought to ever spelt Kate as Cate even knowing a Catherine who'se nn was Kate/Cate, I called her Cat so I never had to worry about the spelling
    I think I prefer Kate spelt with the K
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    @SparrowFinch what do you think of Kate as a stand alone name?
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    I like Cate as a nn for Catherine but prefer Katherine as a full name. I know a lot of Kates so prefer Kat, Kitty and Rina as nns for Katherine because they're less common.
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