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    K/Catherine Conundrum

    I love Catherine spelled with at ***C***. I love Kate spelled with a ***K***. I hate Catherine that goes by Kate. Which do you prefer Catherine "Cate" or Katherine "Kate"?
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    I actually prefer Catherine nn "Cate" it's much softer with a "C" I think

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    As above, Catherine with a 'c'. There's a 'k' in my name but I've never been a fan of it, they're too sharp for my liking.

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    I don't mind Catherine, I think it's rather pretty, but I despise Cate. (I don't mind Cat)

    For Kate, my favourite spelling is Katharine. It's rarer than Katherine though and falling out of favour.

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    For some reason Catherine with a C feels more feminine to me. I agree with renrose, that k's feel to sharp.
    I think nn Cate is lovely.
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