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    Harvey. Thoughts and Impressions?

    Harvey...I like it. I think it's unique but classic. We're considering it if we have a son this March. What do you think about it? Thoughts and impressions? Also, our daughter is named Lucy.

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    I really like it. It's got a similar feel to Henry, but not the popularity. It's got a strong sound, and a pleasant meaning.

    It does have a very vintage quality (my grandfather's English name was Harvey actually) so I expect it's a bit "old" for some people. I think it will age well though, being cute if unexpected on a baby, and worn well by a grown man.

    It's more popular in UK/Commonwealths than the US.

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    It makes me think of the movie featuring James Stewart and his invisible six-foot rabbit friend.

    I rather like the name and think it's cute with Lucy.

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    I Love it. Wish my husband would go for it! I suggested it today and he immediately started talking in an old mans voice.

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    Harvey's in with upwardly mobile parents in Frances supposedly. There's a vintage quality to it that's definitely not too dusty and ready to be rediscovered.
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