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    working list for number 4

    I posted a while ago about needing help with names for number four. In case you didn't see, our kids' names are Wesley Walker, William Hayes (goes by Hayes), and Anne-Blair; our last name starts with a W and is two syllables with the accent on the first syllable. Baby #4 is another girl. Here's what we've come up with so far.. definitely still a work in progress and any more suggestions based on what you gather from our naming style or simply what you think would be nice with our kids' names are greatly appreciated! Let us know what you think!

    Caroline (probably wouldn't use as first name, it is my sister's name)
    Frankie (might be a phase of mine, hubby is not 100% on board with this one)
    Wynne (middle name possibility)
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    To go with your other children's names, I would pick Holly, Evie (my favorite one), or Stella.

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    I adore Hadley Wynne. Good luck!
    Current Favorites:

    Elliott, Luke, Matthew, Oliver, Reid, Wyatt

    Alice, Celia, Charlotte, Claire, Elisabeth, Genevieve, Holly, Matilda, Poppy, Scarlett

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    I like your boys' names. Wesley Walker W. - WWW -that was a bold move! I like it tho.

    Hadley - fits with Anne-Blair but is too similar to both Wesley and Hayes
    Holly - too nickname-y next to Anne-Blair
    Caroline (probably wouldn't use as first name, it is my sister's name) - I like this.
    Phoebe - like but feels like a different style?
    Evie - i like this but too nickname-y next to Anne-Blair. Maybe Evelyn or Everly nn Evie?
    Carlisle - dislike
    Frankie (might be a phase of mine, hubby is not 100% on board with this one) - to nickname-y
    Stella - love but not sure if it goes with Anne-Blair
    Quinn - cute
    Wynne (middle name possibility) - cute
    Leighton - nms but could work

    My faves are Caroline and Evelyn/Everly nn Evie. Some possibilities: Everly Quinn, Evie Caroline, Phoebe Caroline, Stella Quinn, Caroline Wynne...

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    Hadley is my favourite from your list! Hadley Grace is a combination I have see a lot.
    I like Hadley Carlisle and Hadley Quinn.
    Other ideas:
    Hadley Lavendar
    Hadley Apolline
    Hadley Estelle
    Hadley Aurora
    Hadley Everly
    Name lists still under construction

    Holliday Astrid Mabel
    January Iris Aurelia
    Gretel Sunflower/ Ireland Kate
    Fauna Flannery Elizabeth
    Ingrid Lilou Josephine

    Bingham Fox

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