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Thread: tricky sib set

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    tricky sib set

    #4 due to arrive in 9 weeks, and we are stuck on names.
    I'd love your input...

    Camille Blanche "millie"
    Estelle Barrett "stella"
    Blaise Ostby "Bo"

    All of our middle names are family names and we'd like to use Frances or Francis for #4's middle.
    We obviously like nicknames and a formal names. We don't know what we are having.
    Names we have considered...
    Wynn (I LOVE wynnie, but Wynn does not go with our kids names)
    Frances (not a huge fan of Frankie for a girl, not very feminine)
    Sinclaire (Claire)
    I've got nothing after that.

    Rhett (again, doesn't match, doesn't have a nickname)

    Any others that look like an obvious fit here?

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    I love Penelope and Wynn from your list!

    Penelope Frances is darling!

    Penny and Poppy work for Penelope, and for Frances I like Franny and France, also Fanny is cute. I don't really like Frankie or Fran.

    I think Wynn Frances sounds great too! So does Winnie Frances! Another option is Winter, nickname Winnie, which I think totally goes with your other kiddos names!

    I love Henry (I have one!) and think Huck is such a cute nickname for Henry. So I'd suggest that.

    I also thought maybe August, Augustus or Angus and nickname Gus might appeal to you.

    What about Albert, nickname Albie or Abe?

    I really like Sinclair for a boy, actually.

    What about Sidney, nn Sid?

    You could also use Everett and Rhett as the nickname.
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    Estelle, Camille, Blaise And
    Roxanne (Roxy)
    Althea or Alethea (Thea)
    Teresa (Tess)
    Lucinda (Lucy)
    Philippa (Pipa)
    Elizabeth (Elsie, Libby…Such a long list)!
    Elspeth (Elsie)
    Indira or Rosalind (Indie)
    Boys: (Hehe got a bit excited with the girls list sorry)!
    Hugo (Hugh)
    Arthur (Artie)
    current favorite names:



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    "Close your eyes and think about it.

    Which name do you really, really love the most?

    Go with the one that makes you smile every time you say it."

    --Suelain Moy, author

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    I like Camille, Estelle, Blaise, and Roxanne!

    Out of your options I think Penelope Frances sounds cute. Wynnie Frances is ok.
    I think what a PP said about using Everett NN Rett is such an awesome idea I really like Blaise (my son is Blaize!)

    Girls to go with Camille and Estelle:
    Zanna or Zhannah NN Zan, Zani, Annie, or Anna
    Tesla NN Tess
    Lorraine NN Lori, Raine, Raina
    Laurelei (or Lorelai) NN Lori, Lai, Ellie

    I LOVE Blaise and Zaccheus together!!
    My favs: GIRLS:Nadia, Oceana, Ceraphina, Hania, Sasha, Natalia, Gavrielle, Inez, Azaleigha, Arabella

    BOYS: Blaize, Caspian, Silas, Lysander/Lyzander, Marcos, Emileo, Tru, Zaccheus, Tobias, Syre, Josiah, Sebastion

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